Miley Cyrus Wore An American Flag One-Piece In Her Latest VMAs Promo, Proving She's Going To Be One Wild Host

Miley Cyrus is scheduled to host the 2015 Video Music Awards on August 30, and it's definitely going to be crazy. The star made headlines in 2013 for her risqué performance with Robin Thicke, and now that she's hosting, the stakes are definitely higher. Miley posted a VMA promo on Instagram wearing an American flag one-piece and little else.

The star has been posting promos for the event for the past few weeks, and I have a feeling they're only going to get more wild as it gets closer to August 30. In one, she's floating in midair while wearing what looks like a white nylon spacesuit and a backwards baseball cap, and in another she's wearing pink sequined pants, a cherry-adorned headband and riding a CGI cat (seriously, these videos are weird).

Miley's latest video might be the best though, because she's wearing an outfit that gives a subtle nod to her "Party in the USA" days. She struts on a green screen treadmill in the tiny blue star-covered one-piece, which definitely leaves little to the imagination. We all know Miley is no stranger to showing skin, but her legs look extra long in this video (because she's basically wearing a thong).

It's not the only crazy video she's posted, but her others are definitely a little more covered up. The aforementioned spacesuit basically makes her look like a nun. I will say, however, that I do love her patriotism.

As part of her VMA promo campaign, Miley is also encouraging fans to edit the photos she posts as well, tagging them #fanedit. This one is a combination of two of her videos so far.

If Miley's posts so far are any indication, the VMAs are going to be a must-watch this year. I have no clue what other scandalous and unique outfits she has planned for the big night, but I do know I'll be tuning in to MTV on August 30.