Kendall Jenner Wears A Trucker Hat At The Airport, Because She Can Make Anything Cool

When it comes to beating the heat, the Kardashian-Jenner clan always has the perfect solutions to accessorizing. This stylish family has been outfitted in the best bikinis and brightest lips for summer 2015, but Kendall Jenner's summer hat is getting some much-deserved attention. This model-off-duty deserves some serious style points for her casual-meets-trendy airport ensemble.

Just when you thought trucker hats were a thing of the past, Jenner pulled the forgotten style out once again and made it cool. She boarded an LAX flight wearing a black and white cap that camouflaged her untamed locks and matched her comfy black tee. Her dark and casual top might not have been runway ready, but was the perfect match for that sporty cap.

Jenner finished off the outfit with some pieces that really dressed the look up. She wore a fabulous pair of moto jeans that featured distressed details. The skin-tight jeans went well with the laid-back top and featured just enough embellishments to make the outfit fashion-forward. Jenner accessorized the ensemble with a pair of black stilettos and a Givenchy bag that fit the trendy outfit's dark color scheme. She is a fashionable force to be reckoned with, on and off the runway.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has sported a summer hat, and it looks like this sartorial inspiration is rubbing off on her big sis, Khloe Kardashian, who also has a love for hats. They are one trendy big-and-little sis duo.

Check out the times that Jenner and Kardashian both embraced the warm-weather hat.

1. Black Cap

Jenner flaunted the dark cap side-by-side with her big sis.

Kardashian took her hat to new heights with this hot-air balloon shot.

2. Wide-Brimmed

Looking cool and casual, Jenner was spotted walking down the street in a wide-brimmed hat.

Kardashian was spotted in the same fit, but she opted for a darker color.

3. Reppin' The Yankees

This little sis rocked her New York Yankees cap in a fun-filled photo shoot.

The fitness-enthusiast took her Yankees cap to the gym on more than one occasion.

They both look absolutely fabulous in their own ways, which makes clear that great style runs in the family.