These Dolls With STEM Experiments Will Make You Want To Be A Kid All Over Again — PHOTOS

Everything else on your early Christmas wish list can step aside, because now we have STEM experiment dolls. Recently MGA Entertainment launched a line of four dolls, and each one focuses on a specific aspect of STEM. (That's science, technology, engineering and math, in case abbrievs aren't your thing.) Each doll comes with its very own experiment kit, so depending on the doll, kids will learn more about a part of STEM as they play. The brand, Project Mc², was released August 7 at Walmart, Toys"R"Us, Amazon, Kmart, Joann Fabrics, and Crafts and Target.

The doll kits are more locked and loaded than you can imagine. They can create working volcanos, lava lights, glow stick necklaces, or blue print skateboards. (Personally, I don't know how you'd want to make a volcano when you could make a lava light or a glow stick necklace, but maybe that's just my need for practicality/rage materials.)

These projects aren't just a one time thing. Customers can rebuild the kits and carry out the experiments over and over using household items. And, like any good product sold, there's going to be a television show alongside this launch. A Netflix original series, also titled Project Mc², premieres today, and the show will focus on four characters inspired by the dolls. In the show, they get recruited to join a top-secret spy organization. Here are the four dolls they inspired:

1. McKeyla McAlister

McKeyla is ready to make a lava light and teach her owner about why molecules of water don't like to mix with molecules of oil, getting all of our inter-molecular polarity on. McKeyla is a science whiz who knows that oil stays above water because it's less dense.

$24.99 at Target.

2. Camryn Coyle

Camryn is the construction queen, and you can help her build her skateboard using top secret blueprints. Contruction is a form of engineering, and Camryn is meant to teach you about creative problem solving and spatial skills.

$24.99 at Target.

3. Adrienne Attoms

She's the resident culinary chemist, and she can create a volcano eruption out of safe household ingredients. She'll make lava explode from the mouth of a mini volcano, all with a little help from vinegar, baking soda and dish soap. She doesn't leave home without her goggles and her lab beaker flask.

$24.99 at Target.

4. Bryden Bandweth

Bryden is the tech guru. She will help you make an ultra violet light using phosphors (and using tonic water). You'll learn about how to make a black light and end up with your own glow stick necklace.

$24.99 at Target.

This project was, as expected, responding to the demand to get girls interested in STEM, which are notoriously male-dominated fields. These dolls are positioned as empowered role models for young girls ... and the sooner you buy one, the sooner you end up with a glow stick necklace. Or a lava cake. Everybody wins.

Images: YouTube(1); Target(4)