14 Goofy Instagrams From Drake That Show Off Champagne Papi's Silly Side — PHOTOS

Every time you think Drake has reached peak Drake, Aubrey Graham does something new and continues to surprise us. He's a multi-platform artist, and I'm not just talking about writing and rapping — Champagne Papi's Instagram is a work of art in itself, and proves that try as he might to act hard, at the end of the day Drake is just a goofy goober. Even though Drake professes, vehemently and repeatedly, his hatred for online drama, you know he loves to hate and hates to love the web. I'd argue that Drizzy is a rapper borne from the Internet. I mean, his music was discovered on MySpace and he used memes as a weapon in his feud with Meek Mill. Even though he's committed to working hard, the 28-year-old Toronto rapper still finds time to post multiple Instagrams every day, because Champagne Papi really does it for the fans.

Drake uses his Instagram wisely: to promote his tour, drop news about new albums and mixtapes, and post promotional photos. But the best Champagne Papi content is the stuff that proves that even though Drizzy is a sad, sensitive artist, there's still that side of him with the great sense of humor. There are memes galore, and he won't shy away from anything, not even photoshops of himself as a sad clown. Here are Drake's 14 goofiest Instagrams that prove that he is just here (er, on Instagram) to have a good time.

1. This Degrassi Reunion

I hate Drizzy so much for this caption, because it killed me. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

2. Some Jimmy Brooks Bling

Drake is proud of his Degrassi roots, and he loves to shout-out the Jimmy Brooks love that's still healthy and thriving. You can take the 6 God out of the fictional Canadian high school, but you can't take Jimmy Brooks out of Drake's Instagram feed.

3. Taking A Break

Is this candid? Did Drake plan this? Which member of his squad took this photo? You work too hard, Aubrey, you deserve that nap.

4. Drake-O Malfoy

Quite possibly the nerdiest Instagram Aubrey has ever posted. And OF COURSE Drake would be scheming on Hermione if he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She's smart, sensitive, extremely talented, and hard to impress, aka Drake's ideal girl.

5. Drake Tears For Sale

Price upon request.

6. Drizzy Volunteers As Tribute

This nerddom is unreal.

7. The Mayor Of Flavortown

Why does Drake love Guy Fieri so much? Why do any of us?

8. Getting Jazzed For Coachella...

With this photo of a fan's incredible Jimmy Brooks cardboard cut-out. Started from the bottom.

9. This Calculator Freestyle

Drake is too much. He puts the plus in TI-83 Plus. Bonus goofy points for the Simon and Garfunkel allusion.

10. "How's My Mixtape?"

Honestly, Drake's overnight mixtape drop caused a global panic, and he knew it, posting this smug-ass question that he already knew the answer to.

11. Drake: Toronto Rapper & Raptor

Drizzy really, really, REALLY loves the Raptors.

12. Getting In Touch With His Bougie Side

This is the man of my dreams.

13. Forrest Drake

Drake... explain yourself.

14. This Impeccable Throwback

I want to pinch those tiny, Apple Juice Papi cheeks.

If you're not following Drake on Instagram, get with the times, my friend. You're missing the fire.