Will ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Have A Mystery After The Time Jump? Season 6B Has A Unique Opportunity

As we all wait with baited breath for Charles to finally be unmasked in the PLL finale, minds can't help but look to the show's future and ponder what all of these reveals will mean for the storyline going forward. Since Day 1, our goal has been laid out before us: to figure out the identity of A. So once that question finally gets answered — and we've been guaranteed that this time it will — the writers are faced with the major challenge of figuring out what to do next. And while details regarding the Season 6B time jump remain somewhat scarce, it has been teased that some new Pretty Little Liars mysteries will be introduced in this post-A world, which indicates that our obsessing is far from over.

"There’s definitely some mysteries to come and a lot more story to tell," showrunner I. Marlene King recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly, along with an exclusive photo of what the Liars look like after the time jump. But as carefree and happy as they may look, the Liars still struggle with the events from their past. And since we all know how much history loves to repeat itself, it comes as no surprise that a new obstacle will be right around the corner. But will this new mystery be everything we want it to be? Should it even happen at all or does it somehow diminish the original story? And to everyone in the video below, all of PLL is a mystery, so check out what some people who have never seen the show think about its many mysteries.

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Undoubtedly, fans will find themselves a bit torn on the matter, which is why it's always best to get in touch with our inner-Rory Gilmore during these situations and make a pro/con list.

PRO: There'd Be A Brand New Villain To Unmask

Because despite our many complaints to the contrary, we really do love the chase.

CON: It Could Feel A Bit Repetitive

At the same time, bringing an A replacement into the mix could become somewhat monotonous since we've already played the waiting/guessing game before. So receiving threatening texts from an unknown source could become old hat as time goes on and therefore make us feel less invested (or interested) in the plot.

PRO: Our Super Sleuthing Could Continue

Once you become a PLL detective it's hard to stop. So creating a new mystery to obsess over would help to quench that thirst and inspire a whirlwind of creative, new theories. Tumblr may only just be getting started, my friends.

CON: It's Simply Too Much Change

I think it was a smart move on the writers' part to establish a five-year time jump. (Those girls haven't looked like high school students for years.) However, adding new villains and new mysteries may be a little too much change for PLL fans to handle. After all, you still want it to feel like the same show that we originally fell in love with. Otherwise, the whole thing could start to feel a bit forced.

PRO: It Could Prolong The Show's Existence

If there are new mysteries to solve, then I guarantee you it'll take a lot more than one or even two seasons to solve them, which could definitely help solidify the possibility of the show's continued existence. And I think we can all agree that any form of PLL is way better than no PLL at all. For more season finale theories, check out Bustle's latest PLL podcast below:

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