11 Photos Of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile Every Time

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a national treasure. It's been a difficult, emotionally taxing time in the good old U.S. of A lately, least of all because the sensory overload of 2016 presidential election hath begun, and shows no signs of slowing down for the next 16 months. So I offer to you, exhausted readers, these 11 photos of The Rock that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you see them. They're a very effective form of self care because every once in a while, you need to be reminded that good does exist in the world.

What is it about Dwayne Johnson? The 43-year-old renaissance man (yes, he is a renaissance man and you know it) has worn many hats and lived many lives, but he does it all with that beautiful, blinding pearly-white smile on his face. He's fast and he's furious, but The Rock is also sweet and gentle. Did you know that earlier this year he got ordained as a minister so he could officiate a wedding for a super-fan? He has a heart of pure gold. The Rock has played many heroes on the screen, but the most heroic act he commits over and over again is just being himself, the lovable movie star/pro-wrestler/comedian/gentleman/America's rock.

Take a scroll or two through these pics of Dwayne as a treat for yourself. It's a failproof pick-me-up.

1. This High School Photo At Age 16 (Going On 45)

The Rock ages backwards and here's your definitive proof.

2. "The Rock" Hugging A Rock

You rock, rocks.

3. Adding His Handprints At The TCL Chinese Theatre

No one has ever been happier or more proud of themselves for an achievement.

4. This Motivational Poster — Of Himself

The Rock's sincerity and zest for life make me feel like a horribly negative cynic.

5. Perfecting The Shrug At Age 15

"The lost member of Menudo." Does Dwayne hire a comedian to ghostwrite his Instagram captions? Because they are all solid gold. Also, what a hunk!

6. Man Vs. Beast


7. The Rock & The Greatest

Sigh, Dwayne. YOU are the greatest.

8. Dwayne "The Tooth Fairy" Johnson

The level of unabashed enthusiasm with which The Rock approached the role of the Tooth Fairy with is heroic.

9. This Holiday Jumper

A Christmas treat for all seasons and denominations.

10. A Silverback & A Koala

I'd like a hug from both, please.

11. This Masterpiece

I have nothing to say about this photo that isn't communicated perfectly by the visual. God bless you, Dwayne Johnson. You're the hero we don't deserve, but the one we needed all along. Truly a model American citizen.