6 Of Britney Spears' Most Surprising Celeb Friends (And Yes, Kevin Federline Is One Of Them)

In the almost two decades that Ms. Britney Spears has been famous (and by famous I mean the Princess of Pop, duh), the "Oops! I Did it Again" singer has made friends with pretty much everyone in the biz — friends who she makes out with on stage (Madonna), frenemies she loves and hates and loves to hate (Christina Aguilera), friends who she collaborates with (Iggy Azalea), and pretty much everyone in between. The iconic singer may not have carefully cultivated her squad à la Taylor Swift, but the fact that Britney Spears has some surprising celeb friends as part of her group just makes her life all the more magical (and enviable, let's be real here).

Sure, Spears is close with the ~typical people~ (like her mom and younger sis Jamie Lynn, as well as any other celeb relevant to her career), but then there are a random few where it's just kinda like, "Say whaaat? How did they even meet?"

Of course, if we want to play 6 Degrees of Britney Spears up in here, maybe it's really not all that shocking that the people below are on the list. After all, Spears is pretty much a cultural icon, so it would make sense that she'd become friends with other A-listers, even if their friendship may initially be a surprise. Check 'em out!

1. Steven Tyler

Spears' friendship with Steven Tyler goes way back to the 2001 Super Bowl, during which both the pop star joined Aerosmith on stage for the Halftime Show. Fifteen years later, the two reunited and posed for a sweet snap on Instagram, proving that an unlikely friendship between a classic rocker and a pop princess can totally withstand the test of time.

2. Kristin Cavallari

Britney Spears made the former Hills star's life when the two met ahead of one of Spears' Vegas shows. Cavallari might look totally chill in the above pic, but you betta believe that she fan-girled like cray on Twitter, gushing about how she's loved the singer "my entire life!" Spears, in turn, talked about how much she loved meeting the MTV star. Newest besties, natch.

3. Melissa Joan Hart

Obviously, Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart have that "(You Drive Me) Crazy" connection (MJH starred in the music video and they named the film after Spears' hit), but I'm obsessed with the fact that the two still hang all these years later. Plus, Hart revealed in her memoir that she once snuck Spears out to a club back in the day, so that's always fun.

4. Paris Hilton

Yes, there was a time when Britney Spears was friends with Paris Hilton (Lindsay Lohan was also involved). It was in the mid-2000s when Paris was Queen and, well, we all know how that turned out. Their hobbies most likely included partying, club-hopping, and wearing Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and Von Dutch hats. According to E!, their friendship eventually "fizzled."

5. Elton John

Elton John and Britney Spears don't just share fame, fortune and stints in Vegas — they actually also lived in the same exact Vegas residence. Spears reportedly moved into the Palazzo Suite at the Rio a hot sec after Elton John left, according to TMZ. Plus, Spears has been a fixture at John's Oscars parties over the years.

6. Kevin Federline

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have the most surprising friendship of all, considering they're divorced. But the two are great co-parents to their young sons and show a united front when it comes to parenting matters. "We have two beautiful children. The way that everything has turned out everybody is happy," Federline revealed to Access Hollywood earlier this year. "Co-parenting is going great ... The schedule has kind of been worked out over time, and we talk when we need to. It's always about the boys. Mostly school stuff and making sure that we stay on top of that. It's going great."

#LifeGoals: Be a random celeb friend of Britney Spears.