Natasha Oakley Styles 1 Bikini Into 5 Different Looks, Proving Swimsuits Can Be Versatile

Some of the best style inspiration from fashion bloggers comes when they step away from their computers and show us their every day outfits. Australian-born blogger Natasha Oakley's vacation style taught her followers a lesson in styling bikinis in many different ways. When you're going to be spending all day in a swimsuit, it can be challenging to still look your best, but Oakley makes it seem simple with a few fashionable staples.

This social media star has a passion for adorable swimwear. She started her site A Bikini A Day in 2012 to show off her amazing style, but her one million followers learn even more from her personal Instagram. According to her site, Oakley travels around with a suitcase of swimwear to show women that "the bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear to the beach." From runway fashion to lazy day looks, her outfits are stunning and they always comes with amazing styling lessons along the way.

Oakley lives up to her blog's promise by making the bikini into a staple and showing that it can be transformed into an outfit for any occasion. She travels around the world, demonstrating many different way to style a swimsuit, and her latests vacation posts were some of her best yet.

It all started with a simple two-piece. From there, she added sunglasses, cover ups, and other summertime staples to transform her bikini into a beyond-the-beach look. Her stylish posts came just in time to help her followers before bathing suit season comes to an end.

1. Start With A Bikini

Oakley choose a one-colored suit so that it would be super easy to switch up her style with accessories.

2. Put On Sunglasses

She added an everyday summer staple to transform a beachy outfit

3. Grab A Hat

She really piled on the accessories as the day went on.

4. Add A Skirt

Look no further for the perfect summertime lunch outfit. Casual meets chic with only a few staple items and a great maxi skirt.

5. Swap For A Cover Up

As the sun went down, Oakley swapped her maxi skirt for a cover up that could have easily been mistaken for a dress.

There you have it! She took one bikini and made it into an all day look by using what she had in her beach bag. Summer just got hotter with these simple styling ideas.