9 Ingrid Nilsen Instagram Photos That Will Make You Want To Re-Vamp Your Wardrobe Immediately

I first discovered vlogger Ingrid Nilsen when she made headlines for coming out via YouTube. In fact, the touching video, entitled "Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)" was the first video of hers I ever watched. Naturally, the contents of that particular vlog are extremely moving, but what really pushed me to hit "subscribe" was Nilsen's simultaneously bubbly and honest personality, which shown through despite the heavy subject of the post.

Over the past two months I've followed her channel religiously, not to mention her Instagram account, which is full of stylish and adorable snaps that showcase her amazing fashion sense and makeup skills. If you're looking for something to inspire you to switch up your wardrobe, Nilsen's feed is it. Not only is she super trendy, but she's relatable as well. You won't see any ridiculous designer fashion, but you will see plenty of striped tees, patterned sundresses, gladiator sandals, and killer sunglasses. Oh, and did I mention that she's almost always rocking a Taylor Swift-esque classic red lip?

Not sold on Nilsen yet? Allow me to direct you toward 9 times she embodied the very meaning of #stylegoals.

1. Fashion Week In Polka Dots

So simple, so perfect.

2. Electric Blue Liner

Talk about a pop of color!

3. Stripes On Stripes

The lollipop is a key part of this outfit.

4. Rainy Day Glam

I'm obsessed with those leather sleeves.

5. Long White Lace

That's the classiest mullet hem I've ever seen.

6. Watermelon Kicks

Comfortable and delicious.

7. Vampy Lip

Loving that dramatic lip paired with a denim vest.

8. High-Fashion NYC

Is it fall yet so I can wear this exact look without sweating my face off?

9. Glam Braid Crown

Someone teach me how to do this immediately. Ingrid? You listening?

If you missed her moving video, check it out below.

Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube

Image: Ingrid Nilsen/YouTube