Vans Authentic Releases Cork Print Sneaker For A Stylish Nod To Your Favorite Wine

As a woman who likes to rock the effortlessly stylish look wherever she goes (aka, "rolled out of bed at the last second" chic), I've always coveted the humble Vans "Authentic" Sneaker for its comfy, minimalist, grab-and-go look. So when the new Vans Cork Authentic Sneaker jumped onto my radar just in time to be neatly slotted into my late summer wardrobe, I had to get a closer look.

A hallowed household name among surfers, skaters, and Southern Californian cool cats since 1966, Vans has always prided itself on being a truly iconic skater brand. Initially known simply as "Style #44," the slim, rubber-soled canvas Vans Authentic equals understated unisex wearability for every day of the year, and has remained a reliable constant in the celebrity footwear game. Celebrities including Kanye, Tyga, and Taylor Swift are regularly seen rocking a pair.

With the level of shoe worship it receives from young and old alike and nearly 50 years after its invention, Vans Authentic could easily be crowned the most versatile sneaker around. The casual kick already comes in an astronomically wide range of colors and prints, from navy hearts to two-toned colors and toddler-sized florals. Now the canvas connoisseur has gone one step further with these eye-catching, clean-cut, cork-print feet treats.

Vans Cork Authentic, $55,

Several other popular sneaker brands have recently utilized cork within their sneaker designs as well, including the Adidas Gazelle OG Trainer and Nike Air Max '90s "Cork," released in celebration of the brand's 25th anniversary. Yet again, however, Vans has taken the contemporary kick design idea and raised the wearability bar. It's swapped authentic cork for a breathable cork-patterned canvas for the sneaker's upper to stop dreaded tootsie sweat while you're traipsing around the town or trekking through the countryside this summer.

The striking patterned outer yet muted color palette makes these shoes the perfect accompaniment for smart and casual summer outfits alike. Not to mention that coating your feet in cork-patterned canvas acts as the perfect reminder that no matter how tough your day, a glass (or bottle!) of your favorite wine in never too far away. As motivational life mantras go, I'd say that's pretty up there.

If cork isn't your thing, though, why not opt for some of Vans' other must-haves? Disney princesses and outer space anyone?

Disney Authentic, $60,

Disney Authentic, $60,

Van Doren Authentic, $55,

Cosmic Galaxy Authentic Lo Pro, $55,

Because what else do you need in this life besides Winnie the Pooh and wine?

Images: Courtesy Vans