'Louie' Is Going On Hiatus, So Where Can You Get Your Dose Of Louis C.K. Until The Series Returns?

Once again, Louis C.K. breaks our hearts. During the TCA press tour, the CEO of FX, John Landgraf, stated tthat the comedian's series Louie will go on an extended hiatus until Louis C.K. is ready to return. According to Landgraf, C.K. wants to take a break from the show and is "anxious to work on other projects." Landgraf also agreed with a reporter's comment that C.K.'s deal is similar to the one HBO has with Larry David, whose show Curb Your Enthusiasm is on hiatus with HBO until David is ready to resume the series.

So what is Louis C.K. so keen to work on in his time off from Louie? The comedian already has several new projects in the pipeline for the next few years, so we'll never have to worry about not having enough Louis C.K. in our lives. First things first, C.K. recently released on his website for fans Louis C.K. Live at Madison Square Garden , which the comedian describes as audio from the last of three shows he performed at Madison Square Garden earlier in 2015. The audio is available to buy from $1 to $85, with the default price at $5. But that's not all — C.K. is producing, directing, and starring in several new projects on the big and small screen. Honestly, it's no wonder the comedian needed a break from his own show. Here are a few to look out for:

1. Louis C.K.'s First Big Movie In Years

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Earlier this year, news broke that C.K. would be returning to the big screen as director and writer in the indie film I'm a Cop. The last time he wrote and directed a film was the cult hit Pootie Tang, and C.K.'s time on the film ended with Paramount removing him from the film during post-production. But this new venture seems like it will be a much better experience for the comedian, as one of the producers on the project is Blair Breard, who also produces Louie. The film follows C.K. as a "depressed middle-aged" volunteer police officer who decides to become a real police officer when his mother, a retired and decorated officer, passes away. It sounds right up C.K.'s alley, and it's bound to be incredible.

2. Louis C.K. & Pamela Adlon's New TV Series

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Despite the hiatus for his own show, C.K. continues to work with FX, producing two new series for the network. The first is entitled Better Things which was cocreated by C.K. and his Louie on-again, off-again onscreen love interest Pamela Adlon. The pilot just received a series pickup, and follows Adlon as a single mother of three and working actress in Hollywood. C.K. also directed the pilot for the show.

3. Louis C.K.'s New Clown TV Series

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The comedian is also executive producing and writing a new 10-episode comedy series with Zack Galifianakis and SNL vet Jonathan Krisel called Baskets for FX. The series follows Galifianakis as Chip Baskets, a wannabe clown who gets accepted into a prestigious clown school in Paris. It sounds totally bananas, and I totally want to see it.

4. Louis C.K.'s New Animated Film

Illumination on YouTube

Louis C.K. is taking over Hollywood in the next few years as he also costars in the new animated comedy film The Secret Life of Pets . The film's synopsis is exactly what the title advertises: It gives us a fun look at what our pets do when we're away. The film also stars Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet, who are also making their animated film debut with C.K.

5. Louis C.K.'s In A Biopic

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Later this year, C.K. will costar in the biographical film Trumbo. The film follows Bryan Cranston as the Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted in the 1940s along with many others for their political beliefs. The film will show Trumbo and the other blacklisters' fight to preserve their rights to free speech and belief from the U.S. government. The comedian plays Arlen Hird, a fellow blacklisted screenwriter.

They may not be Louie, but they'll do in the meantime until the beloved show returns.