Smashbox Is Collaborating With Donald Robertson Again And Will Release It For New York Fashion Week, And The Instagram Teasers Look Amazing

If you're a makeup fanatic, you may remember Smashbox and Donald Robertson collaboration, with the full, red lips patterned over a white background. The classic red lipstick was apparently a huge hit, because now, Smashbox and Donald Robertson are collaborating again for New York Fashion Week. Donaldson will be setting up shop at Story on 10th Avenue in New York City during the buzzing week.

Along with Rachel Schechtman, the founder of Story, a manhattan boutique where you can shop anything from candles to lingerie, and some friends from Smashbox Cosmetics, Donaldson is creating "a zoo-like atmosphere for New York Fashion Week," he told Fashionista, according to Byrdie. Though we don't know too much more about the collaboration, the Instagram pics sure did get us excited.

Basically, you can shop the new lipstick, the limited-edition Be Legendary at Story, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September. Based on the Instagrams that have popped up, this collaboration is going to be insanely cool. Pops of color, patterns, and quirky designs are some of the things you can expect on the packaging. Of course, as the creative artist is pretty Insta-famous!

The response so far has been pure excitement. Comments read, "my favorite," "need," "awesome packaging is the death of me. Or my wallet," along with a thousand different emojis. There's nothing more exciting than brilliant minds collaborating, especially when we can actually get our hands on it! Never underestimate the power of pretty packaging—you can even save some of it and keep as decals. Who wouldn't want these cute illustrations displayed? Art, beauty, and shopping are coming together in a beautiful way, and I can't wait to stop by the boutique to check it out!

Images: @Smashbox/Instagram