Clare's Raccoon Is Back On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Say what you will about Bachelor in Paradise, but they know how to make an interesting edit. Last season they edited Clare Crawley's conversation with a producer to make it look like Clare was talking to a raccoon. This season, so far, Clare has "talked" to a crab, which was a hilarious throwback to her raccoon chat — but I was missing the actual furry creature. Fortunately, the Bachelor In Paradise raccoon came back to talk to Clare during Sunday's episode, and it was even funnier than the first time.

While Clare sobbed about being on Bachelor in Paradise for a second time and still not hitting it off with any of the guys, her raccoon friend lent an ear. But, someone in production decided to give the raccoon an (empty, I assume) wine bottle as a prop. So, it just made it look like the raccoon either couldn't take this convo any longer and had to hit the sauce, or perhaps he was attempting to open the bottle to give Clare some in her time of need?Honestly, I've never identified with a raccoon before, but I'm pretty sure this one would be my BFF if I was in Paradise. I know this is a ~super~ serious show about finding love in just a few weeks, but I'm glad they have a sense of humor about the whole thing. These raccoon segments will never get old — and, really, they're just getting better.

Image: Screengrab/ABC