'Homeland': So much depends on a green pillow

This week on Homeland : Brody is off to see the wizard in Iran and plot some serious assassination attempting. But, of course, complications arrive, more assassinations are attempted, and the impossible and improbable converge. Next week is the season finale. So the pressing question: Will Brody live? (And yes, Season 4 is already planned.) And the next pressing question: Who was the most melodramatic character this week? Let's take a look.

This week's melodrama quotient:

  • Saul wants some help on the ground in Tehran, and the Israeli agent is his answer… ? (Saul +5)
  • Saul, laying the smackdown on the guy who banged his wife. (Saul +10)
  • Brody looks like he's lying hard on his videotaped interview in Iran. (Brody +50)
  • Brody: "I was shot here and here. They gave me heroin for the pain." Lying real hard. He's getting all shiny too. (Brody +50)
  • Interviewer: "Do you have AIDS?" I mean, risk factors. You know. (Iran +5)
  • Brody: "An Aman helped me get out. Get here, to Iran." Oh, RIP Aman and wife. (Brody +100)
  • Brody: "I just thought I'd be safe here. I just thought I'd be welcome… I just want rest." Just a big bear hug. All they want is a hug. (Brody +10)
  • Javadi: "Because why? You think we like traitors here?" (Javadi +10)
  • Is Carrie in Tehran the next Sex and the City movie? (Carrie +10)
  • Does Carrie really think she's being nondescript walking around Tehran just because she has a headscarf? (Carrie +50)
  • "Tell me. Is there anything else you need?" Oh, Fara's poor family. (Fara +50)
  • There are subtitles. Now you know: Javadi has a meeting. And the Iranians aren't sure if they should trust Brody. Now you know. (Javadi +10)
  • Carrie is showing. Showing some baby. (Carrie +20)
  • Mossad's men in Tehran are packing cyanide. It looks like a Tide Pen. (Mossad +50)
  • Iran's second security guy's plan to chat with Carrie: In the basement of the hotel. Not impressed. (Javadi +10)
  • Head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is prepping a daytime field trip. (Iran +20)
  • Javadi knows they're working with the Israelis now. Wah wah. (Javadi +20)
  • The "look over there!" trick. Saul thinks it works for passing notes in 2nd grade and for the CIA. (Saul +50)
  • It's a Brody field trip.
  • Mossad agent: The American assassin? "The most wanted man in the world. This was not important for us to know?" Oops. Now you know. (CIA +10)
  • How does it feel to ride a motorcycle with a massive bomb in it? (Israel +20)
  • How would standing in the middle of a public square be any safer than a room in an office? With a crowd gathering? (Iran +10)
  • … and it's vaporize time for Akbari! (Iran +100)
  • And it's Abu Nazir's widow. And she's calling him "my Nicholas" after her husband tortured him for years… (Iran +100)
  • Brody: "We crawl out of the rubble and with gather up the bodies." (Brody +5)
  • There's a mob in the street and there's cheering for Brody. "This is the only place in the world I can seek peace." I guess he has been vetted. He's shaking hands like a president. (Brody +100)
  • But really, does Carrie think nobody will notice her walking around in the middle of the street? (Carrie +50)
  • Brody got rid of the cyanide! (Brody +200)
  • Brody learned enough Farsi in one week to say, "Down to America." (Brody +100)
  • Lockhart: "The simple fact is, we can't trust Brody … we need to end it." Javadi >>> Brody. (Lockhart +50)
  • "We know where he prays everyday." Assassinations in places of worship. Keep it classy, CIA. (CIA +100)
  • Fara's poor family. Having to pull all this stuff. (Fara +20)
  • Does Carrie really think it's okay to pace around with her crazy eyes darting around in public and screaming into the phone things like: "I can't go back to the States." (Carrie +100)
  • Run from Mossad! Run from Mossad! They can't find the only ginger in the crowd. (Israel +10)
  • Brody has information on Javadi and, now, he is off to see the wizard. (Brody +50)
  • Saul's shock/confusion/resignation face. (Saul +200)
  • "I think we're alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around… " It's Brody and Akbari. (Brody +200)
  • Akbari: "Why would anyone want to stop such a treasure?" (Iran +50)
  • Brody's giving up Javadi. Embezzling… the CIA… the plan to get closer… (Brody +100)
  • A candy dish cannot have done Akbari in. Look at the size of that guy's head. (Brody +500)
  • Oh, but a pillow. Will it be a pillow? ALL IT TAKES IS A PILLOW. (Brody +1000)

Let us opine "so much depends upon / the green throw pillow" while Brody wins the crown for most melodrama in this episode by far. His assassination attempt failed, an assassination attempt on his life failed, and death by pillow equals points, points, points.

Image: Showtime