Ani Has Ray's Baby On 'True Detective' & Her Teaming Up With Jordan Is The Best Part Of The Season 2 Finale

One of the big complaints about True Detective Season 1 was that the female characters were either non-existent, or not painted in the best light. Thankfully, True Detective Season 2 gave viewers an actual female character that we could root for: Rachel McAdams' Ani Bezzerides. And, it also gave us Kelly Reilly's Jordan Semyon, Frank's spitfire wife. So I'm not going to lie, I most definitely cheered when at the end of True Detective Season 2, Ani and Jordan were the only ones to make it out alive. Not only that, but they had a baby with them, too, as we learn that Ani had Ray's son.

The True Detective season finale quickly finished off the "Who killed Ben Caspere?" mystery, and moved onto making sure our true detectives made it home safe at the end of the day. There were obstacles surrounding that, of course. Ray had a tracking device put on his car, and Frank was held hostage/kidnapped/whatever you call it when a mob boss is taken away at gunpoint.

Also, let me just throw out there that both of these men spent a good long while saying goodbye to their respective ladies. Ray promised Ani that he would get on the boat with her and flee the country (and this is all after a night of passionate detective sex); and Frank promised Jordan that he would see her in less than two weeks down in Venezuela.

Anytime someone says a heartfelt goodbye to a loved one, that's basically the kiss of death for them. We could have placed money on the fact that neither Ray, nor Frank, would make it out of the episode alive. Ray was gunned down in the woods by Detective Burris, and Frank was stabbed and left for dead in the middle of the desert.

So what happens to Ani and Jordan? Jordan has already fled the country (we see her do that at the very beginning). Ani leaves the country, too, though unwillingly at first. She wants to wait for Ray. Ray aaaaalmost says "I love you" to her, but pauses at the last second. Ani smiles like she knows what he's going to say. And yes, I do think this relationship has moved a little too fast, considering a few months ago these two hated one another, and they only slept together for the first time a few nights ago. But hey, love works differently in the world of True Detective.

The closing moments of the show give us an Ani voice over, where she's relaying the whole case to a reporter. She says she has to do this for Ray's "sons." Yes, sons. As in, plural. As in, Ray's has two sons: Chad, and now his baby with Ani.

A few moments later, we see Jordan holding that baby. Does this mean that Ani and Jordan are raising this baby together? In a Life As We Know It type situation? Yes, it looks like that's what's happening down in Venezuela. We don't learn the name of the baby, but I think it's safe to assume that he's either named: Ray Frank, or Frank Ray, or Paul Ray. The kid was more than likely named after two true detectives, and one was the bravest man that Ani ever knew.

As crazy, twisted, insane, frustrating, etc. as this season has been, seeing Ani and Jordan walk away from it almost makes up for all of that. Almost. The two were able to escape the craziness of Vinci and start over again. Not only that, but now they've got a little guy to look out for, and protect. In a way, Jordan got the baby she had been hoping for, and Ani got to keep a little piece of Ray. If you had told me 10 episodes ago that this is how True Detective Season 2 was going to end, I would have told you that you were crazy. But now, I'm kinda digging it. Not all of it might have made sense, but at least we got to watch Ani and Jordan walk away from it all, and live to fight another day.

Images: Lacey Terrel/HBO (2)