Scott Disick Shares Mason & Penelope Video That Is Far From The First Time He's Shown His Kids Love On Instagram — VIDEO

I know that I'm not alone in being worried about Scott Disick ever since the news that Disick and Kourney Kardashian had broken up hit the Internet. Whether you're on Team Lord or Team Kardashian, the fact still remains that they were one of everyone's favorite couples, sharing a life and three children together. While early posts from Disick made it seem like partying was high on his list of things to do in the wake of the break up, it seems we may have judged too soon and too harshly. On Sunday, Disick shared a video of Mason and Penelope rocking out to Demi Lovato that is immensely cute, and immensely reassuring to fans that his kids are his true top priority. Of course, this is far from the first time he's given them the spotlight.

The video was filmed in what appears to be a car, and Mason and Penelope are cheerfully dancing to Lovato's "Cool For the Summer." It's captioned, "Best thing ever," and seems to be a product of the happy weekend the reality show star spent with his children, during which he took them out for pizza. The hardest part of any break up is making the transition as easy on the children as possible, and it seems like Kardashian and Disick have already worked out a system that results in their children not getting the short end of the stick when it comes to time spent with their parents. Plus, look how cute they are.

Of course, at the height of the criticism about his partying ways, Disick made it clear that he had not lost sight of what was truly important in life with a birthday Instagram to Penelope, calling her, "1 of the only things I'm proud off [sic] about myself." Is Disick a perfect man or a perfect father? No. I doubt even his fans would try to claim that. But as audacious, outrageous, insensitive, and occasionally cruel as he can be to, well, everyone around him, the one thing that has always been important to him over the years is family, and his children especially.

Personally, I'm still mourning the loss of Disick and Kardashian as a celeb couple; they were one of my top signs that love is dead in Hollywood. However, it's great to see that, even when they're apart, they still make their children their top priority, and go out of their way to show them public love and appreciation. Between Kardashian's many social media posts about staying in and hanging out with her children, and Disick's own posts about how much he adores spending time with his kids, it's clear that the pair are good parents first and at odds with one another second.

I'll continue to silently hang on to my hope that they work out their issues and get back together, but, until then, I'll enjoy all the adorable pictures and videos of Disick spending time with his kids. Feel free to join me, if you can handle the cute.