Britney Spears' Hair Is Blue & Purple Now, Making It Matches Her Son's Aqua Strands

Just when I was getting used to her chic, summery lob and then her subsequent blonde waves, one of my favorite sexy pop stars went and changed her hair color again. Britney spears has blue and pruple hair now, thanks to some sweet extensions that create a tri-color effect, since the singer's base is a buttery blonde. But Brit Brit isn't the only one in her inner circle with a new 'do hue: Her youngest song Jayden James, who is eight years old, also has a patch of aqua blue hair.

In the new 'do, Brit's beachy waves start out blonde, then morph into a sea blue before tapering off into a soft purple as you go down the length of her strands. I am lovin' it. The pop star shared a photo of her and her boys posing backstage with EDM superstar Skrillex, who also kicked off a hair trend with his undershave look. So Brit is not merely a cool mom who lets her son experiment with playful hair colors[. But]; she also gets them facetime with an artist they love.

Being one of Britney's boys certainly has its privileges. Forget squad hair goals. It's family hair goals with Brit and her handsome sons.

Jayden looks so adorable with his patch of soft blue hair. He's a merman-in-training. Merman hair can be subtle or extreme, and Jayden does this trend right.

Here's more of Brit's blue dip-dye look. In case you missed her hair before all these colors, Britney Spears' blonde lob with bangs was so fresh and summery.

In terms of her hair and the right now, the pop diva is back in Las Vegas doing her residency. So she needs her long, sexy locks flailing about while she dances and gyrates. It's like an accessory. From her current blue hair to her signature blonde to a surprising time as a brunette, Spears never stops inspiring me when it comes to hair color.

Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I get it. Brit can be a hair chameleon. It suits her.

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Brit has played with length throughout her public life. But she doesn't stray too far out there with color, usually opting for some variation of blonde. But this little pop of red was cute.

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I loved when she went with full on, glossy, and brown curls. It was a soft change for the singer.

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The brunette added some mystery to Britney's overall look, and I have to admit — I kind of loved it. Blondes don't always have more fun.

Britney Spears, though? She always seems to be having fun with her hair, especially when it's blue.

Images: Britney Spears/Instagram (2)