Britney Spears Debuts New Lob With Bangs

Brit Brit is a complete style icon, and you never quite know what look she's going to unveil next. I'm happy to inform you that Britney Spears debuted a new lob on Instagram, as reported in People earlier this morning. Not one for subtle changes, Spears also added sideswept bangs for an extra bouncy freshness. Even though she can pull off a shaved head, I'm really glad she went for a choppy lob and bangs instead!

Maybe the queen of late '90s pop wanted a fresh 'do to celebrate her newfound popularity after releasing Pretty Girls with Iggy Azalea. Spears told Billboard back in March that she was working on her ninth new album, so maybe we should expect another fun haircut from her every time a new song drops this year? As someone that grew up a hardcore Britney fan, I would personally be way too excited about that.

Though the star has a full line up of shows at the Hardrock in Vegas through December, I'm super happy she looks like she's remembering to enjoy summer. Spears is in good company, because basically every major celeb has taken the bob plunge recently (except you and your wig, Amanda Seyfriend!). If you've been itching for a new cut, this is obviously primetime to get one!

Image Credit: Britney Spears, Instagram