BuzzFeed's "If Landlords Were Honest" Will Make You Relive All Your Worst Leasing Nightmares — VIDEO

BuzzFeed Video asked a chilling question today: What if landlords were honest with us? Like, what if instead of being shifty and cryptic and unnecessarily showing up with no excuse, they actually explained why they were doing things? What would that even look like? They would have to admit that the "no guests" policy is a trap to make sure you're not getting laid. And while we’re speculating, the ploy to enter your apartment for “inspection” has to be a way of making sure there isn’t an excessive amount of weed lying around. Just like their need to call at the worse time ever is an attempt to make sure you’re never well rested.

I recently moved across town, and my apartment wasn't even close to ready when my roommate and I showed up. My doorknob was on backward, so I couldn't lock my own door but someone could lock me in from the outside. Like, forget about having someone spend the night — what about the fact that I could get locked into my room in an emergency?! What gives, Los Angeles? I’ve also seen people get messed over worse than ever in college towns, just because landlords think they can take advantage of students to an even great degree. If they charge you for the carpet steam clean without telling you, be sure to contest it. Here are 5 things your landlord is really saying to you, according to BuzzFeed:

1. Security Deposits Mean Free Cash For Them


And that they make you put down a deposit with a money order just to mess with you and make you take a long trip to the post office.

2. The Apartment Purposely Wasn't Ready When You Moved In


How else are they going to get the security deposit back if they don't initially stick you with a leaky faucet?

3. They Consciously Make Sure To Only Call At 6 a.m. On Saturday


Because why would they want to give you bad news at a time when you're actually AWAKE?

4. "Shutting Off Water For Maintenance" Is Just A Power Grab


Maintenance doesn't mean anything. Even the landlords know it's a made up word.

5. They Hike The Rent Up Purely For Sport


Oh, and evictions? Also, a power move that they can use just to keep you on your toes. And they're not sorry 'bout it. For many more valuable lessons about what your landlord really means, watch the full video here:

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And next time your landlord checks in, maybe show them this video.

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