This New App Is Basically Tinder, But For Food

Maybe you tried Tinder and (PLOT TWIST) didn't find your soulmate. Fret not, fellow millennials, because the recipe app Tender is basically Tinder for food, and it's here to restore your faith in love. See, your brain is already hardwired to swipe right whenever you see something that you like, and Tender is taking advantage of this new wrench we've thrown into our evolutionary hardwiring by using the exact same logic with its app. Except instead of scrolling past dudes posing with lions and ladies in group pictures so vast you couldn't reliably bet money on whose profile it actually is, you're scrolling past the one thing that will never, ever disappoint you: FOOD.

The app links up to your Facebook, and starts recommending recipes for you. Spoiler alert — you're a match with everything you swipe right on. This is basically Tinder-topia. Once you swipe right, the recipe gets saved to your "cookbook". The app will even learn recommendations based on your preferences, so all you vegans and gluten-free humans out there can also try your hand at finding the swipe of your dreams. I went head and downloaded the app myself just to get a feel for it, and I've got to say, guys — as hard as it was putting myself out there again, it was well worth the risk.

Here are a few of the baes I encountered on my journeys:

1. Wine And Cheese Spread

In the words of my ancestors, "YES FREAKING PLEASE." I swiped right so fast my thumb got whiplash.

2. Hot Dilly Green Bean Pickles

I don't like any of the words in that descriptor. Looks like a player, if you ask me. Hard pass, y'all.

3. Mini Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

This right here is a recipe guaranteed not to ghost you in the morning. RIGHT swipe.

So after you get your grub on long enough, you'll start amassing a collection of recipes in your "cookbook". It's not quite as dainty and weathered as the one your mom has shoved under the stove, but it is pretty swanky in its own right.

Then when you want to cook something, you click to pull up the recipe.

At which point it will take you to the site where it originally came from. No shady emoji messages and texts at 2 a.m. from THIS app. It's all straightforward and delicious. What you see is what you get. (Excuse me, I need to wipe an oatmeal pancake flavored tear welling up in my eye.)

So yeah, our generation is still going to die alone (thanks for nothing, dating app culture). BUT we will die surrounded by fancy cheese dips and parmesan chicken and vegan chocolate cupcakes, so joke's on you, human race.

Images: Tender; Emma Lord(5)