Where Will Clay & Shelli Go On Their First Date After 'Big Brother 17'? The Answer Is As Obvious As Their Love

Oh, young Big Brother love. There’s nothing better! When two people fall in love in the Big Brother house, there are endless advantages. There is always someone always on your side. There is always someone to keep your company. And there is always someone to strategize with. But there is one major disadvantage that, despite what the house guests want to believe, rears its ugly head every single season: One of you eventually has to go. And when Clay was voted out of the Big Brother house last Thursday, the other half of his showmance, Shelli, completely lost her cool. The only thing that comforted her? Knowing that she and Clay would be reunited in a matter of weeks and be able to live out their life in the real world. Which got me thinking: Where will Shelli and Clay go on their first date?

Actually, before we get to that, I think the more important question is: Will they even have a first date? In a moment of weakness during Sunday night’s episode, Shelli admitted that she was worried about what would happen while Clay was out of the house without her. It’s not like he’s in the jury house, cooped up away from the reality of everyday life and waiting for her to arrive, she admitted to the other house guests. He’s in the real world… with real women. Was this just a moment of self-doubt for Shelli, or is she actually worried that Clay will get with other women while he’s out of the house? Based on the bosom buddy moment between Clay and Meg, I think Shelli has a legitimate reason to worry that Clay might not be in this relationship for the long haul. But will the two not even go on a first date? It majorly depends on what happens while Clay is out of the house.

But let’s say they make it. Let’s say Clay is waiting for Shelli in the real world, arms wide open in a field of wildflowers somewhere. Where will they go after Shelli runs wildly toward him and falls into his amazing arms?

Outback, of course!

During Day 17, some of the houseguests were invited to an Outback Steakhouse dinner in the courtyard. Clay was invited to go, but Shelli was not, and he promised her that he would take her to Outback when they were together outside of the house. Which means that it’s only right that their first date take place at a Big Brother friendly restaurant. I mean, is there a better way for two people to celebrate their love than over steaks and potatoes? The answer is no.

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Image: CBS (2)