The Stars Of 'Fort Tilden' Give The Movie Its Powerful Honesty, So Get To Know Bridey Elliott & Clare McNulty

You might love it, you might hate it, you might need a few days before you can even process what you just saw: whatever your feelings about it might be, you won't be able to stop talking about Fort Tilden, a new movie out Aug. 14. The film is a dramedy revolving around the struggle-filled attempt of Brooklyn-based best friends Harper and Allie to get to the beach one weekend, and while it boasts similarities to Girls and Broad City, the caustic, too-real performances of its lead actresses puts it in a league of its own. So who are the stars of Fort Tilden ? Bridey Elliott (Harper) and Clare McNulty (Allie), imbue their characters with such heavy, often-uncomfortable honesty that no matter what you thought of the movie, you'll undoubtedly be wowed by its two main stars.

And you'll definitely be wondering where you can see them again. Neither Elliott nor McNulty are currently too well-known, although both have made impressions outside the Hollywood mainstream; Elliott is a comedian who has appeared on Letterman and performs with the Upright Citizens Brigade, while McNulty has a background in theater and short films. Trust me, though; after Fort Tilden hits theaters, you'll be seeing this duo around way more often. Here's what to know about the movie's stars:

Bridey Elliott

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Elliott (right) is the daughter of SNL star Chris Elliott and the sister of Abby Elliott, another SNL star — making their family the only one with a parent and child to both have been on the show. The Fort Tilden star has never joined the SNL cast, but she's no stranger to comedy; she's appeared as herself on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. She also performs regularly at UCB, and has several film projects in the works, including a drama starring her father and a dark comedy called The Petal Pushers.

And she's also fairly active on Twitter, where she regularly shows off her comedy chops to her nearly 20,000 followers. A few samples:

Clare McNulty

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McNulty has an impressive background in theater, having worked for companies in New York and San Francisco (a recent play, Powerhouse , received a great review in The New York Times). She's acted in several short films (including some directed by Fort Tilden filmmaker Sarah-Violet Bliss), and is signed on to co-star in Search Party , a comedy pilot starring Alia Shawkat.

They may be relatively unknown now, but after people see their powerful performances in Fort Tilden, you can expect to see these duo on plenty of screens big and small.

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