Comedian Cameron Esposito's Take On Planned Parenthood Pinpoints Exactly Why We Need The Organization — VIDEO

Comedian Cameron Esposito's take on Planned Parenthood has all the hallmarks of her work: Her strong stage presence, her bold style, and her LGBT-themed points and jokes.This time, though, she not only makes an important point — that women absolutely need access to reproductive health service — with punchy jokes, she gets serious at the end. She discusses the fact that, although she doesn't have a punchline this time, it's important for people to just get up and use the stage to discuss issues that matter. There's power in performance, and here, she's using it for the forces of good.

This isn't the first time Esposito has taken on a topic percieved as controversial. Some of her most popular bits have included a takedown she does of a homophobic man she met at one of her shows, an explanation of whether scissoring is a thing, and a take on periods. She happens to be a lesbian, which is why a lot of her content includes discussions about sexuality and fresh takes on being a woman who likes women — a perspective not often represented in mainstream comedy.

The video is an important take on a serious issue that needs to be discussed by people who aren't white, male politicians. Oftentimes we get wrapped up in discussions about abortion and reproductive health on political platforms, but its just as crucial — if not more so — for these discussions to be had by comedians, women, and especially women who belong to minority groups. Enter Esposito, who fits all three pieces of criteria.

Here are just four of the notes she makes that are super on point; scroll down to watch the full video for more. It's so, so worth it.

1. Only 3 Percent of What Planned Parenthood Does Is Abortions


Anti-abortion activists are super up in arms about Planned Parenthood performing abortions, but remember: Only a small fraction of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. Women's health is about so much more than abortions, and Planned Parenthood does it all.

2. Planned Parenthood Provides Services to Prevent Abortions


Sexual education and contraceptive services, both of which are by Planned Parenthood, actually work to prevent abortions by preventing pregnancy. So why would you want to take funding away from the people who are also trying to reduce the thing you hate so much, anti-abortion folks?

3. Women Need Access to Planned Parenthood Because We Are Not Incubators


Not all healthcare providers and health insurances cover reproductive health services. Planned Parenthood provides a variety of services, many of which are free, providing access to this kind of care for women who may not otherwise have it. Access to reproductive health services means that women are better able to protect themselves against STDs, to take control of their sexuality, to not have children until they're ready — if they want children at all. It is not a woman's responsibility to have a child just because she has the physical tools. Wnd of discussion.

4. Men Need To Support Planned Parenthood


Are you a man who has sex with women? Or, are you a man who supports women having rights? Then this discussion is your business, too, because pregnancy and STDs are not just the responsibility of the women you have sex with. You have stake in the health and well being of your partners and fellow humans, as well.

Want to hear more of Esposito's great argument for Planned Parenthood? Check out the video below.

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