15 TV Shows You Haven't Heard Of To Watch Right Now And How To Find Them

I'm pretty sure we all know the feeling that we've reached the end of searching for shows on the Internet and there isn't possibly another TV program that exists that we haven't already tried to watch. We've scraped the bottom of the barrel and are even a little embarrassed about what we've watched, but never fear, there's still more out there: I've found some TV shows you probably haven't watched before. While streaming puts a seemingly unlimited amount of TV shows in the palm of our hands (or at least on our laptops), there are always hidden gems that we're missing out on. It's inevitable that we're not going to know every single show out there and will miss out on our potential TV show soulmates — whether it's because they were made before we were born, that we're not really into subtitles, or we just didn't know they existed, but there is hope.

If you're totally over, you know, being outside and interacting with human beings, but can't find anything to watch and are thinking about doing something drastic like leaving your house, don't give up the faith just yet. I've found 15 TV shows that you probably haven't watched yet to set you up for a weekend of blissful binge-watching. So order up some delivery and keep those sweatpants on, babe.

1. Boys Over Flowers

If you love romantic comedies, Boys Over Flowers is going to be your jam. I first watched this South Korean show when I was laying in a hotel room in Indonesia with food poisoning and it got me hooked. Boys Over Flowers is sort of a modern-day Cinderella story about a girl who gets a scholarship to go to a prestigious private school where she has no regard for the social politics. Surprise, surprise: she ends up catching the attention of a few of the most popular boys.

How To Watch: Streaming on Netflix.

2. Shark Girl

I bet you probably didn't even know that The Smithsonian had a TV channel, right? Well, it does and unlike some other "educational" channels, you might actually learn something. Shark Girl follows 20-year-old Madison Stewart's quest for shark conservation and will probably actually make you feel better about swimming in the ocean.

How To Watch: Buy the series on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes

3. The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail

If you can't wait for new episodes of Broad City or Why? With Hannibal, feed your laughs with this standup-night turned TV show. See a bunch of your favorite comedians in a chill setting where experimentation is encouraged and find some new faves.

HOW TO WATCH: There are a ton of episodes streaming for free on Comedy Central's website right now, so what are you waiting for?

4. Open Heart

If you're a teenager or a fan of Teen Nick, this Canadian TV show might sound familiar. Featuring a determined, tough female protagonist who doesn't take no for an answer and deals with the stigma around mental illness. It can be a bit dramatic at times, but it's really easy to watch and (if you're a Canadian like me) you'll love the overt Canadian-ness of it all.

How to watch: Catch up on the entire season, streaming for free at TeenNick.com

5. The Mortified Sessions

Yes, even the babeliest and coolest celebrities have embarrassing pasts and you can hear all about them on this show. Based on the book and the wonderfully cringe-worthy events, this show dives into the collective agony that are our adolescent years.

How to watch: Get a preview with the free clips on their YouTube channel and then buy the whole first season on iTunes

6. Wonderfalls

This Pushing Daisies-esque TV show about a [Niagra]NIAGARA Falls gift shop that only lasted one season is the perfect quick fix for a weekend marathon. This unusual, quirky series is just what your life has been missing.

How to watch: Get the whole series on DVD at Amazon.com and say goodbye to your weekend

7. The Bletchley Circle

If you love a good period drama and are crying over the loss of Mad Men, get your fix of retro fashions in this series about a group of women who band together to solve mysteries. WHAT NETWORK?

How to watch: Start right away — there are two seasons on Netflix now!

8. Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Did you know there was a spinoff to Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Neither did I, but it exists!

How to watch: You can buy the show's inaugural season on DVD via Amazon.com.

9. Sports Night

Will Gardner and The Newsroom lovers, rejoice. This late '90s TV show brings you Josh Charles by way of Aaron Sorkin. Uh, pretty sure that's what dreams are made of?

How to watch: Buy both seasons and get your fix on Amazon Instant Video.

10. The Spoils Before Dying

This miniseries on IFC features all your funny faves: Kristen Wiig, Will Farrell, and Maya Rudolph in a hilarious take on '50s murder mystery films. There's singing.

How to watch: Bust a gut immediately by buying episodes on Google Play.

11. Canada's Worst Driver

Whether you want to feel really good about your driving skills or low-key learn a few tips, this show is surprisingly entertaining and will make you laugh out loud.

How to watch: Instantly get a merit on your license by streaming the latest episodes for free on discovery.ca or purchase older seasons on iTunes.

12. The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret

This show is the ultimate in cringe-worthy, secondhand embarrassment. It's potentially the hardest thing to watch since ... I don't even know what. Between wincing at David Cross' pain, you're gonna laugh so hard.

How to watch: Stream it online, get the DVD from Netflix, or watch on VOD. All the details are on IFC's website.

13. Peak Season

Remember when reality shows only seemed relatively scripted? This MTV Canada show follows all the types of people who live in a ski town during the ski season and, as a former ski town-dweller, is scarily realistic.

How to watch: The whole series is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

14. This Is Me

This docu-series features many different experiences of coming out and living as a transgender person. With a focus on trans people of color, this show features short — but impactful — episodes.

How to watch: This exclusive content is available for streaming only on Amazon Prime.

15. Catastrophe

What happens when an American guy gets an Irish woman pregnant during a one night stand? Well, you'll have to watch to find out; but it is certifiably hilarious.

How To Watch: Stream it for free on Amazon Prime or get it on Shomi, if you're Canadian.

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