Zack Efron In Talks For 'Baywatch' Movie, So Here Are 7 Ways 'High School Musical 2' Prepped Him For Being A Lifeguard

Giiiiiirl, do I have news for you. Remember Baywatch, a '90s show about blatant eye candy running in slow motion across the beach? Well, while it was announced long ago that Paramount is making a movie based on Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson, a new piece of eye candy has been added. That's right, Zac Efron is in negotiations to star in the Baywatch film, and I couldn't think of a more perfect addition. After all, Efron (or Headmaster Zefron as I prefer to call him) has been summertime ready since High School Musical 2.

That's right, Wildcats, if you've seen the gem that is High School Musical 2, you know that Efron has all the qualities of a perfect lifeguard. You know, except for when he blatantly disobeys safety regulations and runs next to the pool. And, like, except for that other time when he attempts to drown himself to get Gabriella to jump in with him. Like, other than that, I get the feeling that that magical summer Lava Springs has dutifully prepped Efron for this new beachtastic voyage.

How, you may ask? Well, here are seven ways Efron's experience playing Troy Bolton will help him make him a Baywatch super star.

1. That Iconically Perfect Hair.


OK, Troy's man bangs are now a thing of the past, but what's important is that Efron knows how to cultivate a look that is so distinctly him. Once he gets a trademark coif to flow gently in the beachy winds and compliment his always-on-fleek eyebrows, he'll be totally ready for the sands of California.

2. That Troy Bolton Sense Of Leadership.


Despite being unfairly pushed up the Lava Springs hierarchy by Sharpay, Troy always tried his best to be a team player and lead the Wildcats to victory. So Efron could totally Hasselhoff the Baywatch situation here.

3. He Just Looks Great In Slow Motion. And Fast Motion. And All Motion.


Plz rewatch "Bet On It" for proof of this.

4. He's Dealt With His Fair Share Of Bathing Suit Clad Blondes.


And I feel as though Sharpay was the most high maintenance of all of them, so anything after that should be easy.

5. And He's Carried On A Romance With A Lifeguard Before.


Granted, Gabriella was a terrible lifeguard who was also big on running while next to a pool, but that's none of my business.

6. He Knows How To Ride Those Waves.


WHOA, GUYS, DID YOU SEE THAT? If that doesn't scream "lifeguard material" I don't know what does.

7. Shirtless Zac Efron Is The Best Zac Efron.


The first time most of us saw Zac Efron shirtless was probably the original film. But the first time we ever EXPERIENCED THE MAGIC of Efron shirtless was when he recklessly ran by the pool and tried to drown himself (not sure if I mentioned that) in High School Musical 2. Like a fine wine, Efron's perfectly sculpted torso just gets better with age. So yeah, more of that, plz.

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