7 Things You Can Buy For The Price Of Kylie's Car

In case you haven't heard th news, Kylie Jenner turned 18 on August 10 and promptly received some extremely lavish gifts. I'm talking outlandishly luxurious even by Kardashian standards. In fact, two days before her actual birthday, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner shared an enviable picture of the elusive Hermes Birkin bag, a design so sought-after there are actual articles about how to buy your first Birkin. (Though I don't know how much the unfathomably wealthy gift-giver paid for that exact purse, the Birkin retails anywhere from $10,000 to $140,000.) But that was nothing compared to the freaking Ferrari Jenner received from her rumored boyfriend, Tyga. Because even if the Birkin cost $140,000 big ones, the Ferrari — a 458 convertible, to be exact — is worth a solid $260,000. When you take into consideration that you could purchase 32,000 pints of Ben & Jerry's for the price of one Birkin, what could you get for the price of Kylie Jenner's Ferrari? An ungodly amount, to be exact.

Kylie Jenner is not exactly one to shy away from flaunting those big ticket items, like the time she rocked approximately $40,000 worth of Cartier Love bracelets on her arm and, just a few weeks ago, received a $20,000 watch for her high school graduation (which she proudly showed off on Instagram, of course). Jenner is well-aware of her privilege and even spent some of her birthday visiting sick children in the hospital, but that doesn't make the $260,000 Ferrari any less ridic. In fact, here's all the other cray stuff you could purchase instead.

1. An Entire Private College Education

Let's estimate that a private college tuition costs about $50 grand a year. Four years totals to $200,000, which means you'd still have $60,000 left over for just for funsies. What are student loans, anyway?

2. $2,000/Month Rent For Over A Decade

If Kylie Jenner ever felt like slummin' it and giving up her $2.7 million mansion to pay some serious Manhattan rent, she could rent a place for $2,000 per month for almost 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS. For the price of her car.

3. 260,000 Slices Of Pizza

Accurate depiction of my brain exploding.

4. 14,444 Copies Of Her Book

Rebels: City of Indra retails for $17.95 (although you could easily get that ish on Amazon for much cheaper). But if you paid full price, you could score over 14,000 copies of the sci-fi novel. You know, if you really wanted to.

5. 260 23-carat Gold Ice Cream Sundaes

The $1,000 ice cream sundae from Serendipity features 23-carat gold and the rarest chocolate in the world. And Kylie Jenner's car is worth 260 of 'em.

6. 37 Cartier Love Bracelets

That's 31 more to add to her collection.

7. 26 Birkin Bags

In case Kylie Jenner ends up loving the Birkin more than the whip, she can go ahead and just trade that baby in for approximately 26 Birkin bags — if they're all at the $10K price, of course.

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