7 Dating Profile Pics Only True Extroverts Have

You'll find all kinds of people on dating websites, and in some ways, that's the beauty of it. Are you a cat lover? Well, there's an app out there for you. Do you enjoy drinking wine straight from the bottle while binge-watching Grey's Anatomy? Just scour the web, and I'm sure you can easily find someone who enjoys that just as much as you. Are you more outgoing, looking for someone who matches your daring, bold personality with their own social-butterfly persona? Oh, they're out there. You just need to know what to look for in someone's online dating profile pictures.

If you're on the hunt for an extrovert in the mysterious, yet alluring world of online dating, there are a few tell-tale signs you can pick up on before even clicking on their profile, or making the fateful decision to swipe right. You can tell a lot from a profile picture, like whether or not he/she has a tendency to over-do it on the filters (are they hiding something?) or if he/she is still trapped in college days, spending too much time doing keg stands (who even puts those pictures on their profile, anyway?). So when seeking someone who is an out-of-their-shell, people person there are a few pictures you can look out for to let you know, this is the type of person I can bring to a party to meet my friends.

1. A Few Pictures With Other People

While this may seem obvious, a guy or girl who is an extrovert will naturally have pictures of themselves in groups of people, because that is where they feel most comfortable. Chances are they have quite the extended social network, and they put the term "Squad Goals" to shame. It's important to note that operative word here is “few”; if he/she has every profile picture of themselves surrounded by people, and you find yourself playing “Where's Waldo?” to find which one is actually them, they're likely hiding themselves within the crowd...and that's not the mark of a true extrovert.

2. A Selfie With Someone Famous

This is not a requirement, but if you find that this person snapped a picture with Brian Cranston, or the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, well they likely were not shy about asking. Extroverts are able to talk to people, even somewhat intimidating people like public figures, in order to get a good story out of it. And I'm sure if you ask them (let's say, as your intro message), they'll be bursting to talk about it.

3. Photos Of Them Doing Something Daring/Borderline Dangerous

While not all extroverts have to be daredevils (I know I'm definitely not), sometimes it can come with the territory. If someone is bold, and willing to take risks in the social sphere, they may be like that in their personal time as well. Hence the picture of their third time bungee jumping, or ziplining through a jungle at crippling heights. Once again, this is probably something they'd love to talk about, so totally ask them.

4. Travel Photos That Are Insanely Epic

This kind of goes a long with the last type of picture, but outgoing people are a breed who don't like to stay home very often. If they were lucky, they've likely traveled to get a taste of the people and cultures outside of their own backyard, and they have some pretty awesome pictures to show for it. Maybe they hiked the Swiss Alps, or walked across the Great Wall of China. Or maybe they probably snapped a shot with a random local who is now their pen-pal. Hey, I don't know, maybe you should inquire, via message perhaps?

5. Pictures From A Music Festival, Or A Club Event

Like I said, its not in the nature of Mr. or Mrs. Social to sit around at home and wait for things to happen. They're probably pretty damn good at making plans of epic proportions, and they likely have some great snapshots from them. It depends on their interests, but there's a pretty good chance extrovert will frequent concerts, music festivals, or club events because they don't shy away from large crowds and they enjoy the liveliness of it all.

6. Some Snaps From The Last Party He/She Threw

My love of being with people has always made me a bit of an entertainer (which is why I've done theater for so long) and I know that if I had my own place, I'd definitely be throwing parties. Extroverts are not only the type to be the life of the party, but the ones to initiating the party in the first place. So, you may see them opening up a bottle of wine for friends they're having over, or maybe they're manning the DJ station at an all-out rager they cramped into their teeny apartment. Whatever it is, this person revels in making people happy.

7. A Silly, But Entertaining Selfie

Another aspect of the extrovert aside from their consistent need to be around people is a sense of easy, self-assured confidence. People who are bold in their social situations are often pretty comfortable with themselves, and that will come through in profile pictures. I always found the greatest example of this is the silly selfie; if they're happy with who they are, they will not feel the need to constantly look Instagram-perfect, and will show their funnier side.

Extroverts an awesome breed; though bold to the point of seemingly reckless, their confidence and ease in social situations can make for a great, potential partner. But how do you know who these illusive individuals are, if you haven't met them in person? Take a look at their picture; as the cliché goes, it'll say a thousand words.

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