12 Times Rachel Green Was You At Your First Job — This 'Friends' Gal Totally Understands The Struggle

Ah, your twenties. As Taylor Swift might say, it's a time that is both magical and miserable. The only way to get through it is to have an amazing group of friends around you, which is pretty much the overarching plot of Friends. When we first picked up with our beloved Manhattanites, they were all struggling: some in love, and some in career. When Rachel Green first arrived on the scene, she was kind of a mess in both departments: she just left her fiancee at the altar, and in doing so left the man who was supposed to be her free ticket to the good life. But Rachel left for a reason, and that reason was to pursue the life she wanted, full of endless love possibilities and career options. And while Ross and Rachel were inevitable going to be "a Thing," first thing was first: Rachel had to get a job.

Rachel was the only friend in the group not to have a job immediately upon moving into her apartment, and if you've ever tried to navigate Unemployment Land, you could totally relate to Rachel's struggle. (Even if you didn't have a pal like Monica to let you stay in her ah-mazing rent controlled apartment.) Her first job wasn't exactly any easier: she may have gotten a paycheck, but let's just say that the struggle was still real.

No matter what your current status, I'll bet you can totally relate to Rachel. Here are all the ways that Rachel was you at her first job, because girl, she's been there:

1. When You're Throwing Out Ideas In A Meeting And The Whole Room Is Silent

If the room can't decide what venue to hold the annual benefit, you're officially booking a room at Chuck E. Cheese.

2. When You're The Only One Staying Late On A Summer Friday

You're the newbie and really want to finish this report on time to show that you're super committed to the job... but you also really, really want to hit that rooftop barbecue.

3. When Your Boss Asks If You've Read Over That Expense Report

Does she need to know that it was the latest 50 Shades Of Gray novel? Definitely not. You're new and pretty terrified of your boss' alleged temper as is.

4. When You're Explaining To Your Friend About What It Is You Actually Do At Your Job

If you throw around enough big words, hopefully she won't realize that you have no idea what you're talking about.

5. When You Set Up Your New Cubicle And It's Totally Pinterest Worthy

There's a teal and gold color scheme!

6. When You Arrive Late To A Work Event

There's no way all of your co-workers drank all of the booze in a half hour, right? You're skipping Pretty Little Liars for free wine!

7. When You're Sneaking Out Early For A Social Event And Have To Tell Your Boss

"She's very sick. Very, very sick. I'm bringing her... soup."

8. When Your Co-Worker Spills That You Were At Carol's Insane Bachelorette Party

Joe is officially no longer allowed access to your snack drawer.

9. When It's Your Choice To Pick A Lunch Spot And Everybody Gives You Shade For It

Whatevs. You're obsessed with the Southwest Salad you ordered.

10. When Your Boss Asks If You're Completely Happy At Work

Everyone has complaints about their first job, right?!

11. When Your Co-Worker Just Took A Seminar On Leadership And Now Thinks He's Second In Command

So glad you learned about "attentive listening," but as far as our paycheck is concerned, we're both still bottom-feeders.

12. When You're Considering Quitting Your Job Entirely

Then you realize that the whole "money thing" is a relatively huge deal. Oh, well. You'll work your way up to that corner office some day.

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