Rachel Green Is Basically Your 'Friends' Twin

It's been over 10 years since Friends aired its final episode, yet even today I find myself quoting the series on a daily basis. That's probably in large part because a.) I have a tendency to get obsessed about things, and b.) everything about the show still remains relevant to this day. Yes, this lovable batch of characters have forever wormed their way into our hearts, and in doing so, I can't help but see myself in each and every one of them. However, there is one particular Central Perk waitress with whom I have always felt a special kinship to. That's right, folks — in my opinion, Rachel Green is the most relatable Friends character by far on the series.

Come on, admit it — we've all felt like this girl at some point in our lives. Though if truth be told, my hair never has and most likely never will look as good as hers did, especially during that whole "The Rachel" phrase. (Seriously though, what kind of conditioner does she use?) But Goddess-like hair aside, she truly blossomed as a character throughout the years and suffered some of the same feelings and insecurities we've all been through at one point or another. So in honor of that, here are all the times Rachel Green was truly our spirit animal.

When She Seriously Doubted Her Life Choices

If I had a nickel for every time I've thought this to myself… well, let's just say I'd be able to afford Monica and Rachel's Manhattan apartment.

When Her Birthday Itinerary Was Spot On

I mean, priorities, people! Come on now.

When She Reflected on the Complications of Love

But unfortunately, as we all well know, it's never that simple.

When the Single Life Got Her Down

Preach, sister. PREACH.

When She Faced the Highs & Lows of Having a Hot New Co-worker

And the fact that you're not supposed to date people in the office makes the added risk all the more exciting.

When Life Kicked Her While She Was Down

Go home, world. You're drunk.

When She Braved the Perils of the Working World

This is also around the same time you realize that having a job and having a career are two very different things.

When She Tried (and Failed) To Play It Cool

Consider this the Rachel equivalent to Ross' "I'm fine."

When She Drunk Dialed a Love Interest

The only thing worse than your morning headache will be your crippling regret. Phones: 1, Sanity: 0.

When She Really Needed a Drink

Or two, or three (or 10).

When She Laid Out the Rules of Gender Etiquette

Take notes, gentlemen.

When She Experienced This Rite of Passage

Your first time is always awkward.

When Not Even She Could Dodge the Bridesmaid Dress Curse

Because at one point or another, we've all looked like cotton candy.

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