7 Conversations Steve Has With The 'BB17' Audience

If you think Steve from Big Brother 17 is lonely in the house, think again. Steve may be the houseguest least likely to talk to other people, but he has formed a pretty strong relationship with the one person who is always there: The audience. Sure, we can’t talk back to him, but Steve talks to the audience during Big Brother 17, almost like he's on a television show or something. Naturally, this little quirk of his is much to the delight of viewers everywhere. I personally love the times when Steve is just completely rando, talking out loud about what I assume is happening in his head. It’s a one-way ticket to crazy town, and I want to stay there forever.

But there are other times when Steve talks straight up strategy to the cameras. And fans everywhere totally love it. I mean, sure, Steve might not be the best at building relationships with people (i.e. the houseguests he’s sharing space with for the entire summer), but he is pretty amazing at building a relationship with us. I’m personally thrilled every time he looks toward the cameras and starts talking. It makes me feel special, OK? It’s gotten to the point where, every time he is on screen, I am hoping he looks up and looks right at me.

Call me crazy for wanting this, but other people are catching on, too. Even the other house guests know what Steve is up to with the cameras and getting in on the fun. So, with that in mind, the following are some of the best conversations Steve has had with us:

1. When He Admitted That He Threw the HoH

Who else gives us such direct access to their strategy?

2. When He Tried to Figure Out Who Would Be Becky’s Target

With Becky in charge, Steve has never been less safe in the Big Brother house. I personally love the panic in this clip in particular.

3. When He Just Sort of Went Nuts

Listen, if you had a camera on you 24/7, you’d have moments like this too.

4. When He Has Epiphanies

Like in the above clip, when he realizes Vanessa is the backdoor target. I just love seeing that moment of realization on his face.

5. When The Other Houseguests Get In On The Fun

Meg made fun of Steve constantly talking to the cameras by getting in on the action herself.

6. When He Flirted Right In Front Of Us

Gotta love those little side winks to the camera.

7. When He Admitted He Would Use The PoV On Himself

Don’t you totally appreciate the fact that he always lets us know what he plans on doing as he’s planning it? I totally do. What a guy, right? Including us in his game play so directly? I kind of love him for it.

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Image: CBS