Here's How To Throw The Perfect 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale Party, Where It's BYO A-Game

The time has finally come to learn the identity of Big A on Pretty Little Liars. Know what you should do? Throw a giant Pretty Little Liars themed party, of course. But make sure you actually invite your guests over, instead of drugging them, kidnapping them, and forcing them to live in your creepy/very expensive Dollhouse like a lunatic. Maybe don't do that. That's weird.

PLL is best enjoyed with friends, and if you've ever watched it with a gaggle of other people, you'll know this is true. You can laugh together at Hanna's silly remarks, obsessively Google every last item of clothing that Aria is wearing, and of course, scream and cry together with every crazy A twist. It's also great to bounce PLL ideas off your friends, and if you don't remember some random quote from four seasons ago about Red Coat, maybe someone else in your group will. Strength in numbers, amirite?

Now that Tuesday's episode brings a close to the Summer of Answers, and the end of this big A mystery, it's time to really go all out and throw the most epic PLL party to date. So figure out how to block your number on your phone, text all your friends that they better show up OR ELSE, and here's how to throw your very own PLL party.

Insist Upon A Strict Dress Code

Dressing like the Liars is soooo three seasons ago. Doesn't everyone own some sort of skull clothing to make them feel like Aria by now?

Instead, pick a theme for the party. How about everyone comes dressed as their favorite Big A suspect? Maybe everyone dresses as their favorite dead-end red herring.

If that's too much effort, go to Target and buy out the entire supply of Black Hoodies. Because it's never too weird sitting around with a bunch of friends while you're all dressed in black hoodies.

Maybe Get Masks

PLL loves its masks and masquerades. Head to your nearest party supply store and buy a bunch of cheap masks for everyone to wear — whether they're full face or just covering the eyes. We've seen both of these on PLL before. It might be too much effort for you to go out and try to get an actual mask maker to cast your faces into masks, but hey, if you've got the time and unlimited resources like A, you should totally go for that, too.

Eat Only The Best PLL Foods

Maybe don't make Spencer's "special" brownies. Instead, opt for some virgin gummy bears.

Make A Dollhouse

You're throwing a PLL party and you don't have a Dollhouse already set to go? And you call yourself a die-hard PLL fan.

Catch Up On The Last Episode


Get Together Beforehand For One Last Theory Swap

The episode starts at 8 p.m., but start having everyone show up earlier. There's always time for a PLL debrief. Do one quick last run-down of all potential A suspects, along with theories (no theory is too crazy at this point). Maybe there's something you missed that another one of your friends knows about.

Get Drunk

OK, but only get drunk if you are 21+. Otherwise, indulge in some non-alcoholic drinks while you play a PLL drinking game, courtesy of Bustle of course. You're going to need it. Trust me.

Be Prepared For Feels After The Episode Is Over

At 9:01 p.m., you're going to feel like you got hit by a bus (I mean, probably). So have something planned for immediately after the episode ends. What would the Liars do? Spencer would probably fall right asleep, and that's boring. Emily would maybe go for a swim/run/some other sporty thing. Hanna would probably make out with Caleb, and (sorry) you can't do that. So maybe take a page from Aria & Ezra and chow down on some pie.

Pie fixes everything. And after this finale, you're going to need a lot of fixing.

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