Does 'PLL' Ali Know Charles? According To Sasha Pieterse, She Recognizes Him

Are you prepared, Pretty Little Liars fans? Because I'm pretty sure that I'm not. Pretty Little Liars is revealing the identity of A in Tuesday's Season 6A finale "Game Over, Charles" which means that we'll finally come face to face with the man known as Charles DiLaurentis. While fans have no idea who is under the hoodie, one person already does on the show, and that's Alison DiLaurentis. Charles finally got a hold of Ali on prom night, and finally took off his mask to reveal his true identity to his sister. Ali took one look at Charles' face and exclaimed "Oh my God," but does that mean that Ali knows who Charles is? According to an interview with actress Sasha Pieterse, the answer to that question is yes.

Pieterse spoke to Alloy Entertainment about coming face to face with A, and she revealed that fans who speculated that Ali knew Charles were completely on point. Here's what she said:

You’re right — I do recognize this person. And, for me, knowing where the [plot] was going, it was much easier to play the surprising aspect of it all. I think we were all very shocked at what the outcome was, but it’s such a good one.

If Ali knows the guy underneath the mask, does that mean that Charles is someone that we've seen Ali interact with on the show? I'm not so sure that we should jump immediately to that conclusion. While it would be easy to say that this narrows down our suspect list, Pieterse also hints that we'll learn more about Ali's past on the show, and that might mean that we'll learn how she's connected to Charles:

[T]here are a few secrets about Alison and you’ll learn about them in the summer finale. There are some things I’ve had to keep hidden. I haven’t been able to show too much of myself, which is kind of cool and mysterious in a way.

Ali has always been one of the most complicated characters on Pretty Little Liars, and she's always held onto more secrets than any of the other girls on the show combined. That's why I'm not convinced that we know how Ali knows Charles yet. We know that in the last year before Ali ran away from Rosewood she hung out with an "older crowd," many of whom were friends with Cece Drake. Perhaps Charles was also in this group of older friends, living under a different name so Ali wouldn't make the connection.

We're only a day away from finding out who Charles is, and the theories just keep coming in. Fingers crossed that this reveal is as jaw dropping as promised, because we all deserve a crazy reveal.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; oliwiamakuch waitingontheeiffeltower/Tumblr