Vanessa's 'BB17' Enemies Are Trying To Save Her

Vanessa's time in the Big Brother house has been rocky. She has, at some point, wronged every single person in the house and left a huge target on her own back. Now, she has been backdoored and left on the block with nothing but her own words to defend herself. Vanessa's blindside at the PoV ceremony on Big Brother was a mess of tears and confusion, as she accused the entire house of working against her (which is mostly true). Little does she know, some of the houseguests that helped blindside her are now trying to keep her in the house.

If Vanessa were to try and flip the house so that Shelli ended up being evicted this week, she would have to concoct a master plan. Vanessa would have to convince the house that Becky was not trustworthy, get the entire house to think that Shelli is a larger threat, and secure enough votes to have the majority evict Shelli. This would all be especially difficult for Vanessa as she has established herself as one of the least trustworthy houseguests this season.

But Vanessa hasn't been carrying out this plan alone. She's been getting assistance from James, Meg, and Jackie.

The Alliance Formerly Known As The "After Dark Crew" (James, Jackie, and Meg) has had a major change in thought over just two days. Not only have they changed their name to "The Goblins" for some reason, but they also decided that it would be smarter for them to protect the person they worked to blindside. Despite their co-conspirator Becky wanting to evict Vanessa, the three Goblins determined that Shelli is their prime target because she has a vendetta against James, and keeping Vanessa in the house for another week would benefit their game.

James, Meg, and Jackie still intend to make sure Vanessa gets evicted during the upcoming Double Eviction, but they fear that it won't be this easy to have Shelli be on the block again. The Goblins' biggest fear was that they would upset Becky by going against the plan. James, Meg, and Jackie pulled Austin, Liz, and Julia into the plan, and agreed to all vote to keep Vanessa. The votes would come out 6-2 in Vanessa's favor, avoiding a tie on eviction night.

Things got a little more complicated when Vanessa's attempt at saving herself (being unaware of The Goblin's full plan), by running Becky's name through the mud. Vanessa told The Goblins that Becky had intended on targeting James recently, and was ratting to Clay and Shelli during James' HoH tenure the week before. This led to a disagreement when James, Jackie, and Meg talked to Becky about who to send home that week. Becky still wants to send Vanessa home and isn't listening to any reasons that keeping Vanessa could be smarter.

There's still a lot that can happen before eviction night, but if Vanessa manages to flip the house, make it past double eviction, and cause a falling out between Becky and The Goblins, then she may still be the amazing player everyone thought she was at the beginning of the season. For more on Vanessa's impressive gameplay this season, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast below.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy