How Vanessa Was Totally Blindsided On 'BB17'

It's only Monday, but already this week in the Big Brother 17 house, Vanessa has been nominated for eviction by Becky, and the most surprising part is that everything went according to plan. Steve won the Power of Veto and used it to take himself off the block, which allowed Becky to follow through on her plan to put Vanessa up next to Shelli, with the intent of getting Vanessa out on Thursday. Now that Vanessa has been blindsided, she's on a mission to find out who knew that this was the secret plan all along. The answer, which no one is telling her,, is that everyone in the house knew.

How did Vanessa go from running the house to possibly walking out the door? The fact that she has somehow managed to betray everyone in the house at one point or another is a pretty big reason, and it makes it all the more poetic that Vanessa could be getting sent to jury by the one person that no one would've expected (because Becky hasn't done that much up until now). Vanessa will almost certainly go into game-mode immediately and start trying to make deals and sell information so that she can stay in the house another week. However, when the whole house knows you're getting put on the block and no one tries to stop it, you may as well lay down and just enjoy your last days.

How did the houseguests manage to get one of the strongest competitors in the house to be evicted? Here's a timeline of events to trace what has happened.

Becky Makes The Plan

Following in the footsteps of the big move made by James to split up Clelli the previous week, Becky very quickly came up with the plan to evict Vanessa. She would nominate Steve and Shelli, and use the veto to take one down and nominate Vanessa. If the POV wasn't used, then they would evict Shelli and still be able to remove a member of the Sixth Sense.

Becky Shares Her Plan With Her Alliance (James, Jackie, Meg)

It seems that every time the After Dark Crew loses a member, someone steps in to fill an empty slot. After losing Jeff, Jackie stepped up her gameplay and joined the alliance. Now it seems that without Jason, Becky has been able to sneak her way into the alliance (and being HoH this week probably helped with that as well). The ADC was the first group of people to whom Becky would reveal her plans. The After Dark Crew was enthusiastic about the idea, and helped Becky determine that they should tell Vanessa that John is the backdoor target so that she wouldn't worry. Becky tells everyone to keep the plan a secret and not tell Steve or Shelli.

Becky Tells Shelli

Becky made a risky move by revealing to Shelli what the actual plan was, especially since it was shortly after telling her alliance members to not tell Shelli. Becky hoped to gain favor with Shelli by letting her know what was happening, and possibly gain a new ally in the house.

Becky Lets Johnny Mac Know He's Safe

Becky's close friendship with John has been a secret within the house since it started. She explained to John that he was in no real danger and informed him of the plan to backdoor Vanessa, which made John incredibly happy. John's attempts at targeting Vanessa in the past have ended in large verbal arguments, so the fact that John can vote his target out without getting blood on his hands is a big advantage.

Becky Brings in Steve After He Wins POV

Becky and Steve's relationship in the house has been rocky to say the least. Steve genuinely thought he was Becky's true target, and it's not hard to see why given their history. Once Steve won the POV, Becky approached him and let him know that she was going to be putting up one of his closest allies. Although Vanessa and Steve have been close, Steve knows that trying to save Vanessa would be far too risky for his own game.

Becky Tells Austin Right Before The Veto Meeting

On the morning of the Veto Meeting, Becky pulled Austin into the HoH room and told him about the whole plan. Becky tried to get Austin on her side by reminding him that Vanessa was not trustworthy and that she tried to backdoor him. Austin was upset that he's guaranteed to lose an alliance member, but he understands the move to evict Vanessa. Austin immediately told Liz about the plan, who was in disbelief that this was happening.

Vanessa Gets Nominated, Thinks That Everyone Knew. She's Right.

Immediately after getting nominated, Vanessa's paranoia set in and she began claiming that everyone knew this was happening and that it was a complete blindside. Usually, Vanessa's theories are undeniably wrong, but she's absolutely correct this time. The only other person who didn't know this was happening was Julia, whom Becky talked to right after the ceremony.

It's not guaranteed that Vanessa will be going home this week, but it seems incredibly likely. On the bright side, watching Vanessa scramble to try and keep herself in the house is going to be an absolute wonder to watch. If she can weasel her way out of this one and the upcoming double eviction, Vanessa may go down as an all-time great. For more on this season's big game moves, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast, The Diary Room.

Image: CBS