Kylie Jenner Is All Moved Into Her New Mansion

Nothing makes me feel more like a failure at life than remembering that Kylie Jenner is 17 years old and a homeowner, but that's where we are right now. After months of renovations and leaked photos of her new pad, Kylie finally moved into her house on Monday and even from the few dark, nondescript photos she shared on Instagram, I think it's safe to say it's a way nicer house than most of us will ever afford in our lifetimes. And in case those photos aren't convincing enough, this fact will: Kylie's new Calabasas mansion cost $2.7 million, has a pool, and is essentially a palace. It's fine if you're not jealous, because I'm jealous enough for all of us. And now that she's officially moved in, she has a lot of things to do.

Of course, at the top of that to do list is getting all her stuff in one place and unpacking, but it definitely looks like she'll have some help in that department. Kylie revealed that her big sis, Khloe, has been helping her with the move — you know, for whatever they think "moving" is. I'm guessing this means that Khloe stood beside Kylie as they watched the expensive movers they hired unload the truck, since that's way more realistic than the two of them actually moving anything.

But once they're done "moving" and Kylie's organized her undoubtedly gargantuan closet, there are a few things she should definitely do first.

Throw a huge housewarming party

It's obvious that no one throws a party like the Kardashian-Jenners throw a party, so it goes without saying that this should be her first move. She can invite everyone, from her family to her beau Tyga to Taylor Swift, since apparently she's friends with Kendall now. It would be legendary, especially if she remembers to share plenty of pics on Instagram to make the rest of us feel involved.

Invite the E! cameras in

I'd love it if an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians featured a tour of Kylie's home now that it's done, because I'm really interested to see how Kylie decorated. In fact, after dealing with all that talk about Kylie becoming a homeowner all season long, we're entitled to a tour.

Jump on the bed... and the couch... and basically all the furniture

Let's be real: Do you really think Kris Jenner ever let her jump on her expensive furniture while Kylie was living under her roof? It's part of what you do when you're free! And by free, I mean living on your own for the first time and excited about it before the reality of bills sets in.

Make dinner for her family

In case you're not aware, this house has an insane kitchen. It'd be rude not to invite her family over for dinner, even if she can't cook that well. Her sisters would probably be happy to help, and OMG, that kitchen should not go to waste.