'Pretty Little Liars' Time Jump In Season 6B Could Bring Major Changes For Ali

We're finally closing the chapter on Pretty Little Liars ' Big A storyline and it will mean huge changes for the liars and their fellow Rosewood residents. A has tortured the girls for years, and on Tuesday's episode "Game Over, Charles" they will finally learn the real identity of the man underneath the hoodie. When that happens, Charles DiLaurentis' story will be over, and the girls will get to live normal lives... up to a certain extent, at least. Pretty Little Liars will jump five years into the future after the Big A reveal, and every liar will be doing something different. But while we've seen a photo of Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily five years down the line, Ali's future is a mysterious one. Now, actress Sasha Pieterse is talking about Ali's future life, and it sounds very unexpected.

Pieterse discussed the second half of Season 6 with TVLine, and it sounds like Ali's future is not at all what some fans might envision for the former Queen Bee. In fact, even the actress herself was surprised by the road her character took:

It was the opposite of what I thought would happen to her... It made sense once the writers explained the storyline for Alison. I was able to kind of understood their mindset after that. So the fans are going to be shocked, but at the same time, they’ll appreciate it. Alison had such a weird childhood, and you’ll see more of that as you get answers in the finale. She wants normality, which she gets, but in a way you wouldn’t expect. The location is not where you’d expect her to be.

I'm not sure where I would expect Ali to be in five years, but I do know that it's hard to picture the "Queen Bee" Ali from a few years ago wanting to live a normal life — she was the one who insisted on living a big life that people would remember, because that, to her, was "immortality." Perhaps Ali's years on the run have changed her mind on that: you only need to escape jail or death so many times before you start seeing the appeal in the normal.

For more thoughts on PLL and the time jump, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave, then read on for a few ideas as to what Ali could be doing five years after "Game Over, Charles."

1. She'll Join A Convent

Ali hasn't exactly lived a sinless life, but it's clear she's trying to turn things around. The empathy that she has shown for her friends and even the brother that has tortured her for years shows enormous growth on Ali's part. Ali has not expressed any interest in dedicating her life to the church, but she has become a loyal church attendee in Season 6 and appeared to find peace there. It would certainly be a 180 for Ali, but hey, weirder things have happened, right?

2. She'll Be Taking Care Of Charles

Ali has a soft spot for her brother, perhaps because she knows that her own parents put him through hell when they shipped him off to Radley without telling anyone he existed. If Charles really is mentally ill and needs to be cared for, Ali might step up to the plate and take care of him so that he doesn't end up back in an institution.

3. She'll Have A Family Of Her Own

We know that Lorenzo and Ali have gotten quite close in the past few weeks, but could he be Ali's future husband? If Ali is looking for normalcy from her stressful childhood, she might want a "re-do" with a family of her own. Could Lorenzo and Ali be married with a child when Season 6B picks up?

4. She'll Join The Rosewood P.D.

Ali may be vulnerable now, but we also know that she's whip smart and incredibly tough. It takes all but three days to become a Rosewood officer, so perhaps it'll be Officer Ali who is solving the latest slew of mysteries in Season 6B.

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