Refinery29's Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial is Exactly What This Country Needs, Because You're Guaranteed to Laugh

I've done some peculiar jobs in my career, but never have I had to dress up as Donald Trump for a work obligation. But that's what one "lucky" intern did for Refinery29's Donald Trump makeup tutorial. Yes, you have to see this one to believe it.

There's a makeup tutorial for everything these days, from comic book characters to Disney princesses and then there's your normal, everyday winged liner tutorial. Beauty vloggers love to take tutorials to the next level by speeding them up into uber fast, 30 second videos that illustrate complete (and convincing) transformations.

Refinery29's video transforms a perfectly normal looking female intern into a splotchy, scowling Donald Trump in just 30 seconds. First, they slick back her hair and start piecing uneven, unruly blonde wisps all over her scalp. Then they apply the most uneven bronzer (mimicking a really bad spray tan Trump is always sporting) and some bushy, blonde eyebrows that really add to the Trump pout we know so well.

If you're trying this look for yourself (and the amusement of your friends), make sure you apply pasty white powder all over the top of your bad spray tan, and be sure to brush your hair in as many directions as possible. Even take a roll down a hill, maybe, and you'll have a very Trump-like hot mess of a look.

I also love that Refinery29 made it authentic by lighting outlining her eyes in bronzer, as if she really did just strap on some tanning goggles.

Finally, the brows and the grumpy old man face makes it complete. The American flag is the dollop of vanilla on this all-American cherry pie. Perfection.

Watch the full video below!

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Image: Refinery29/YouTube