'BIP', Stop Making Ashley S. Seem Crazy

Since the first moment she stepped out of the limo and started talking about pomegranates on The Bachelor, I have been a huge fan of Ashley S. Not because she's "crazy," although the show did its best to portray her that way. Nope, I love Ashley because she refuses to play the Bachelor games. The drama and literal captivity that gets to everyone else has always rolled right off her back, and I'm loving that, on Bachelor in Paradise, we're finally seeing the real Ashley — a normal girl who never has anything bad to say about anybody. But as for the Bachelor franchise? On After Paradise, it became super obvious that Bachelor in Paradise wants Ashley to seem crazy, because that makes for better ratings, even though she's really not.

When she sat down on the after show to chat with Jenny Mollen and Chris Harrison, I was pretty much horrified by what played out on screen. Ashley sat down to a montage of the wackiest things she's said between both Bachelor Nation shows, and then, it was time for the cheesy poll that it's apparent After Paradise is going to include every single week. "Is Ashley S. crazy, or is she crazy like a fox?" asked the poll, whatever that means. Most viewers voted that she was not crazy, but it didn't matter. The show was determined to make her seem like she was anyway.

What came next? Jenny sat there and straight up told Ashley that she think she's crazy to her face. This is a real thing that happened on live television, and Chris Harrison just watched it happen. Funny commentary on television is one thing. Saying something rude to somebody's face while they're a guest on your "talk show?" That's another. You know what I have to say to you, Jenny?

To her credit, Ashley did her best to seem nonplussed by the whole thing, but I can't help but wonder if it hurts her feelings the way they talk about her. She doesn't deserve it. The real Ashley is pretty low-key, she's intelligent, and it's obvious she's a good friend judging by the way she supported Juelia's relationship with Joe even though she didn't understand it.

BiP is lucky to have Ashley, but I totally wouldn't blame her if she decided to remove herself from the Bachelor Nation atmosphere altogether. Ashley deserves to be treated way better than this. Boo, BiP. Boo!

Images: Giphy, Rick Rowell/ABC