Chrissy Teigen's Makeup Artist Shares Makeup Tips For Looking Your Best In Photos

Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel, so obviously she doesn't need tips on how to pose for photographs. She basically has it down to a science. But even the most photogenic people can benefit from expert advice, and Chrissy Teigen's makeup artist Mary Phillips has some perfect tips for how to look your best in photos.

For those who don't follow Chrissy on Instagram (why aren't you following her already?!), she's in the process of working on her first cookbook. She's already a social media icon because of her hilarious Tweets and interactions with fans, but the cookbook has made her feed even more appealing. Chrissy is obsessed with food to the point that she has a food blog called Delushious, and she has spent the past few months promoting her cookbook all over Instagram.

Along with her cookbook came a photo shoot, and of course Chrissy had her makeup artist on hand to help out. Mary Phillips does her makeup, Khloe Kardashian's and Jennifer Lopez's, just to name a few clients. Chrissy was taking photos with her husband, John Legend, her mom and dad and her three dogs, so she and Phillips collaborated on a look that was natural and effortless.

For Chrissy's more casual look, Phillips focused on a few basic areas. "Chrissy can honestly wear no makeup, so with some of the looks, we wanted it to feel like you were cooking alongside her," she said in an interview with Allure. The key to that look was "great skin, the right blush, the perfect gloss and stunning lashes." Those tips are universal for anyone taking photos, because the look is understated yet elegant.

Chrissy has insane cheekbones, which Phillips highlighted with just the right amount of blush and bronzer. Most of the photos for the cookbook were taken in natural light, which Phillips says is key to looking your best in pictures. "Always apply makeup in the brightest light possible to get the best results," she says. She also swears by skin spritz like Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. "I'm constantly spritzing—it helps to set makeup perfectly by keeping everything blendable and fresh."

One of Phillips' final tips? "Heat up an eyelash curler a little bit before curling your lashes," she says. "You wouldn't curl your hair with the curling iron off. In my opinion, the same rule applies." Considering how adorable the pictures of Chrissy's cookbook look already, I'll definitely be taking her makeup artist's tips to heart.