Bethany Young Being In The DiLaurentis Yard On 'Pretty Little Liars Still Doesn't Explain Her Relevance

At long last, fans finally know the truth about Bethany Young on Pretty Little Liars . She's been with us since the very beginning of Pretty Little Liars in more ways than one, even if we didn't realize it until Season 4. She was actually the one killed the night Ali disappeared, she was the one Melissa buried in the grave, and also managed to get out of Radley the same night as CeCe. What else do we know about her now? Well, we finally know how Bethany ended up in Ali's backyard in the yellow top.

Bethany had learned that her father was having an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis and basically wanted revenge for that. She stole the yellow top from CeCe (who Mrs. DiLaurentis was sending the same clothes that she bought Ali) and impersonated her, because CeCe had out privileges. While we still don't know a whole lot about Bethany, we do know that she's very unstable (and how do we know that? Well, she pushed Marion Cavanaugh off of the roof of Radley). Soo Bethany was on her way to Mrs. DiLaurentis' house that night, most likely to kill her. But we don't know that for sure if that was her intention, or if she had any motivations beyond the affair.

What's not explained, however, is how Bethany knew where the DiLaurentis family lives, and if she might've planned on hurting anyone besides Mrs. D. While that's still unanswered, we've got the truth behind her murder. For two seasons now, we've assumed it was Melissa who killed her, since Melissa admitted to burying the body alive. However, it wasn't Melissa who knocked her out — it was Mona. Mona thought that Bethany was Ali, and hit her with a shovel. If you can remember back to this Labor Day weekend all these years ago, Mona really, really hated Ali. She saw the chance, and she took it.

All this time, Mona never realized that she hit Bethany instead. The whack didn't outright kill her, but it did lead to Melissa burying her alive.

Before any of this even went down PLL showrunner, I. Marlene King, tweeted something very cryptic about Bethany's role in the finale.

Well, now we have seen Bethany's face, but something makes me think that there's still more to this Bethany story. Is there anyway we could find ourselves with another flashback to that original Labor Day weekend in the future? There are parts of this mystery we still haven't solved.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family