Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Versus The Birthday Of An Average Woman Turning 18

I get it—becoming legal can be a pretty big deal for people. One of those people is Kylie Jenner, whose 18th birthday bash was nothing short of extravagant, leaving me speechless. Her festivities included, but were not limited to, a star-studded guest list, special performances, a brand new $320,000 Ferrari, and high-fashion ensembles. She even got a new hair color that completely stunned everyone in their paths. Basically, Kylie's 18th was probably the greatest of all time and not to mention, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But then it made me think, when I was 18, I probably spent little to no time preparing for my own birthday party. I mean, of course I was excited to become legal, head off to college, and finally leave high school, but the preparation I took in celebrating my birthday was probably laughable in comparison to Kylie Jenner.

For example: I literally went to Forever 21 the day before and picked out the cutest outfit I could find. Oh, and my makeup? Yeah, it solely consisted of mascara and eyeliner. If you would've asked me about what contouring was, I'd probably laugh and then give you a seriously blank stare.

In all honestly, although I missed out on a Ferrari, my 18th birthday was everything I could have ever wanted. I spent time with family and friends, shared meals with good people, and got a brand new whip (you'll have to wait and see what I mean below).

Here's how Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday versus how I rang in mine.

Kylie's Outfit(s)

I mean come on, that dress on the left? NY Daily News reports that her dress alone cost $10,000. Yeah people, that's literally more than 3 months worth of rent. Still, King Kylie looked absolutely stunning in both outfits by the way.

My Outfit

Yup, you're looking at me when I turned 18. Yes, that is a birthday headband. My fashion sense was clearly still in its very early stages. I wonder if I still have that flannel, though...

Kylie's Makeup

It's no question that Kylie's makeup is always flawless. From the highlighting to bronzing, the now 18 year old's makeup was especially spectacular during her entire birthday weekend. But even at her party, she managed to keep her makeup on the entire night. I feel like she probably had a makeup artist on call for touch-ups, right?

My Makeup

OK, so I had no idea what bronzing or contouring even was back in the day (Kylie Jenner is probably gasping somewhere at the idea of that). Yes, this is how I looked when I showed up to my birthday party. Just a couple strokes of mascara and a dash of eyeliner and that was basically it. I mean, it was a party at home with my family. This was completely normal and acceptable for a normal human!

Kylie's Hair

Kylie went through a drastic hair change for her birthday and it looked fabulous on her. Usually, that process would probably take a normal human at least two days of treatment. But no, Kylie ain't got no time for that.

My Hair

Me on the other hand, well, I had bangs. And I was pretty much in the awkward stage of growing them out or keeping them. Yeah, very awkward, but hey, it's all good. I had that headband on to help, after all.

Kylie's New Ride

I was completely blown away (maybe I still am blown away) when Tyga bought Kylie a brand new $320,000 Ferrari. While most kids get a hand-me-down or a used car (like me), Kylie definitely got a crazy ride. You think I could borrow her Range Rover now?

My Ride

So, when I turned 18, I officially got to use our Honda Element. It was literally a box car on wheels, but you know what? I also got this fancy cruiser bike that I really wanted and I couldn't have been any happier. Cheers to normalcy, y'all!

Images: @kyliejenner/Instagram; Author's Own