Drop everything you're doing right now, because Kylie Jenner just debuted blonde hair. The reality TV star proved once again why she's the reigning queen of hair transformations by posting a Snapchat with her lovely new do. Jenner's 18th birthday is coming up next week, so the blonde locks could be the start of a new era for the stylish star. She debuted her blonde hair on the social media site without a caption, but that's because she's savvy enough to know that all everyone's going to talk about is her hair!

This obviously isn't the first time that Jenner broke the Internet with her blonde hair. She sported a blonde wig for a dramatic photo shoot for Love magazine earlier this year, a look that her beau Tyga liked so much that he reportedly asked her to stay blonde. But Jenner's lighter shade doesn't seem to be for a magazine editorial or if she's just trying out a temporary look before committing to blonde.

Jenner has not confirmed nor denied if her blonde hair is a wig or if she really went full Goldilocks on us, but I have to say that it's a look that she should try more often!

They don't call the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan a hair chameleon for nothing. Remember when she wowed everyone with this blue dye job? Perfect mermaid, IMHO:

Or slayed in pink hair like a stylish unicorn:

And let's not forget Kylie's aqua-colored extensions for Coachella:

Images: kylizzlesnapchats; kyliejenner/Instagram