Rihanna Poses In A Bikini With A Baby Monkey, Rocks Loads Of Belly Chains & Anklets

When it comes to a stylish celeb, a bikini isn't merely a functional piece to wear while soaking up the sun or swimming. In her latest set of Instagram photos, Rihanna accessorized her bikini with round sunglasses, belly chains, anklets, and... and a baby monkey. Naturally.

The singer's new album #R8 may be simmering on the backburner as she figures out her next career move, but her bikini style game has been utterly sizzling for the past few weeks. I vote we start to call this particular brand of swimsuits "Rihkinis," since she has essentially reinvented beachwear.

Rih has piled on gobs of gold bracelets and necklaces while playing sun goddess. She also went all out with her feathered and full Crop Over Festival swimsuit in her native Barbados.

Here, the sexpot added a belly chain to her black Victoria's Secret bikini (yes! It's from VS!), which would have been cool already on its own with all those strappy details. I am starting to feel like Rihanna, also a Dior spokesmodel, needs another fashion endorsement in the bathing suit world, since she has established an inimitable swimsuit style.

The singer, who has so many tattoos that it's hard to keep count, also shows off a not-too-often seen tat. Most of her ink is super visible, but this one hasn't been. It's vertical and on the side of her thigh. It's like an accessory unto itself, due to the unique placement.

Rihanna is alternately sexy and maternal in this snap, as she cradles a baby monkey while rocking blood red lips. Note the bling, in the form of the bangles, the belly chain, and the shades. But the critter is the best bikini embellishment, IMO.

A few days prior, the fashion darling paired a snakeskin print swimsuit with turquoise jewelry and layers of anklets. If there is an accessory to be added to a bikini, you can bet Rihanna is wearing 10 or 12 of 'em!

A black bikini is never boring with Rihanna.

There are plenty of body harnesses and belly chains you can try if you want to emulate Rihanna's look. You can add as many bracelets, rings, and anklets as you want. Just stack everything in your jewelry box or hit Claire's to grab a bunch of bangles and baubles. Don't overthink it. Just... stack!

This harness from ASOS gets the point across ($10.75, asos.com).

As does this belly chain ($14.33, asos.com).

Oh, and if you wanted to snag her exact bikini...

...here it is!

Rihanna really makes you Rih-think how to wear a bikini, doesn't she?

Images: Courtesy Brands