9 Vegetable & Herb Scented Perfumes Because Not Everyone Wants To Smell Like A Fruit Or Cupcake

It's pretty easy to opt for a fruity fragrance when trying to find the perfect perfume. Sure, strawberries are lovely and passion fruit's sweet scent is nice enough, but if you've ever smelled a cucumber or a tomato leaf, you'll likely agree that we need more vegetable and herb scented perfume.

If you think about it, salad-inspired scents are long overdue in hitting the mainstream. Woody, musky, and more obscure florals have been (and probably always will be) mainstays of the beauty industry, while gourmand-friendly fragrances that allow us to smell spicy or sweet like dessert have dominated forever. I mean, we all know that your first middle school body spray probably smelled like cotton candy or gummy bears and that you held on to that bottle of Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne as your "signature scent" for a little too long.

Sweet isn't the only pleasing flavor on the palate, however, and it shouldn't be the only one we can dab, mist, or spritz ourselves with. Salad-inspired scents are crisp, fresh, and generally less overpowering than their dessert-like counterparts. For those of us who pass on stuffy designer fragrances and want something a bit more unique than the latest celebrity scent, vegetable perfumes are unique but familiar. Plus, kale is so hot right now.

Get your greens on with these scents and layer 'em up for a true salad-y smell.

1. Sage

Demeter Sage Fragrance, $24, Demeter Fragrance

This herb is equal parts fresh and earthy, making it a perfectly light and subtle choice.

2. Cucumber

Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne, $125, Jomalone

Here, cucumber's freshness is pumped up with bergamot and black tea.

3. Green Tomatoes

CB I Hate Perfume Memories Of Kindness, $18-120, cb ihate Perfume

Who said tomatoes only work on pizza?

4. Basil

Demeter Basil Cologne Spray, $5-32, Demeter Fragrance

No longer is basil reserved for your spice rack. Dab some on your neck and get ready for freshness.

5. Tomato Vines

For Strange Women Nightshade Garden Solid Perfume, $90, For Strange Women

This scent is evocative of a tomato garden in the summer with notes of olive and bay leaves.

6. Vegetable Garden

CB I Hate Perfume In The Summer Garden, $15-$100, cb ihate perfume

Want a full-on garden fresh scent? This blend of herbs and veggies is for you.

7. Beet

Demeter Beetroot Cologne Spray, $2-$32, Demeter Fragrance

Smell like a mix of dirt and health with this beet fragrance.

8. Mushroom

CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt, $25-125, cb ihate perfume

This scent conjures up an afternoon in the woods, foraging for mushrooms. Put some on while staying planted firmly in walking distance from the nearest espresso.

9. Cilantro

Demeter Sweet Cilantro Cologne Spray, $2-$32, Demeter Fragrance

Depending on who is smelling you, you'll probably be told you smell like an herb or soap! It's a great game of fragrance roulette.

So ditch the rose and grab the beetroot. Smelling like a garden is no longer coming up roses.

Images: Courtesy Brands