You Know You're a Sorority Girl When...

We sorority girls sometimes get a bad rep. Between the dumb blonde stereotype and all the bad press about sororities, it's easy for outsiders to cast sorority girls off as being silly, misguided college students. Well, here's a newsflash for all the haters: joining my sorority is the best decision I've ever made.

I was never the type of girl who wanted to join a sorority. Sure, Elle Woods has been my role model since I saw Legally Blondebut the big house, all those girls, and all that pink really turned me off.

But after hating everything about college my freshman year, I reluctantly attended Panhellenic Open House in the fall of my sophomore year. After getting past the initial shock of seeing hundreds of girls wearing the same outfit standing in the same room, I met the girls in my sorority, and immediately fell in love. Sure, I liked what the other sororities had to offer, but as soon as I walked into my sorority's room, I knew I was home.

I can honestly say I've learned more from Greek life than I have learned in any college course. If you were ever in a sorority — or are lucky enough to be in one now — you know what I'm talking about. There are some things only we sisters can understand.

You don't let stereotypes define you

We don't all wear Lilly Pulitzer and bows.

Especially the dumb blonde one

Because every sorority has a GPA requirement

And they check it. At many schools, like my own, the Greek GPA is even higher than the average student body's.

And no, I didn't pay for my friends

Yes, we pay dues. But that money goes towards stuff like putting on philanthropy events and supporting Nationals.

You know your sisters will love you no matter how weird you are

and that "sorority squat" is a pose to be mastered

So is throwing what you know

you Never underestimate the power of a homemade gift

(If you can't craft, alcohol is the next best option.)

though Glitter really IS the herpes of craft supplies

you know it's scary to go outside your comfort zone...

Like when you're talking to hundreds of girls during recruitment, presenting in front of all of Greek life, or, say, dancing in a toga on stage during Greek Week.

...But you never regret it when you do

You may just learn something new about yourself.

You know that your sorority is obviously the best one on campus

And it's okay to brag about that during recruitment.

Your big is your hero

and When you first met your little, it was love at first sight

You'll always love her unconditionally.

You know what the abbreviations PNM, MRC, RFM, and NPC mean

Recruitment practice will make you question your sanity

And probably make you lose your voice, too.

you've mastered the art of girl flirting

and You've also learned how to get along with just about anyone

And make them love you.

but you've also learned to talk to the people you really want to talk to

And make them love you.

you know when you have a beautiful new pledge class, it will all be worth it

No, I'm not going to tell you about my pledge process

But I guarantee it doesn't live up to your crazy expectations

Unless your guess was I studied my ass off to learn about my sorority, then you'd be right.

Finally getting your letters was the best day of your life

and though Ritual really freaked you out at first

now you couldn't imagine chapter meetings without it

You didn't just join your sorority for the parties

But they are an added bonus

speaking of, you know any party is immediately more fun if there's a theme

Themes that change words to rhyme with "hoes" get old. Quick.

you know Friendly competition is healthy

Greek Week, Lip Syncs, Philanthropy events... the list goes on.

As long as you don't get too caught up in the action

No one wants to lose points for unsportsman-like behavior.

Drinking with sisters is a great way to spend a Friday night

As long as you don't let too much evidence end up on social media

plus, Drinking in your letters is a big no-no

you always need to keep it classy, in letters or not

As a general rule, dancing on the bar is not defined as classy.

Because you will answer to standards board if you don't

And that's the absolute worst.

Even though you might not like everyone in your sorority, each member has a valuable skill to bring to the table

There's always someone to step up when a speech needs to be made, a banner needs to be drawn, a dance needs to be choreographed, or an event needs to be planned.

Serving on executive board will be the best and worst experience of your life

Because you can't please everyone

and it can be tough to take orders from younger girls

But you elected them into positions for a reason.

and Seniors are never afraid to speak up

You will hate them for it, but miss them when they're gone.

you know there will always be someone who doesn't like you

Probably more than one.

And there will always be someone who you don't like

Definitely more than one.

But you can't imagine life without every one of your sisters

so you take it all in while you can

Because graduation comes sooner than you think

so thank god you know your sisters will always be there

Because it's not four years: it's for life.

And that's the truth.

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