Double The Size Of Your Chipotle Burrito For Free

by Marisa Ross

Besides the incredibly satisfying taste, one of the greatest joys of eating at Chipotle is the massive portion size, which sends you into a burrito-induced coma. But no matter how much meat, rice, and beans are in my belly, I don't believe there's such a thing as too much Chipotle. So when I heard about a Chipotle hack that doubles the size of a burrito, I knew the god of guac was smiling down upon me.

By now, you've probably heard about a few ways to get the most out of your Chipotle order, be it through ingenious hacks or the secret menu. But hungry burrito lovers are always on the search for more obscure tips and tricks. So what's the newest way to optimize your burrito order? Well, a data-analyzing Chipotle fanatic by the name of Dylan Grosz used science to set up an experiment, complete with a burrito control group, to calculate how he could increase the size of his meal for no additional cost. After individually weighing the ingredients of 35 burritos through trial and error over the course of several days, he determined that he could increase the size of his burrito by 86 percent — the weight of a standard order went from 17 ounces to 31.7 ounces.

He was able to do this by adding a few simple requests to his order, and enduring a couple of funny looks from staff. If you make the effort, it's not hard to get twice the amount of food for no additional cost. If you're ready to get more burrito for your buck, here are Grosz's recommended hacks, plus a couple of extra suggestions for doubling the amount of deliciousness in your next Chipotle order.

1. Ask For A Bowl With A Tortilla On The Side

It doesn't take a scientist to tell you that a burrito bowl makes for a much larger portion than a plain burrito. Any frequent Chipotle customer knows that. But if you want to know specifically how much more you're getting, Grosz figured that ordering this way gets you 15 percent more ingredients for the same price.

2. Get Another Tortilla On The Side

If you're willing to wrap the burrito yourself, you can ask for two tortillas (there's no fee to "double wrap"). Or, if you prefer tacos, you can ask for the three soft or hard shells on the side, instead.

3. When You're Asked If You Want White Or Brown Rice, Say Both

For even more cilantro/lime goodness, Grosz says that this simple answer yields 93 percent more rice.

4. When You're Asked If You Want Black Or Pinto Beans, Say Both

Ask, and you shall receive.

5. When You're Asked What Type Of Meat You Want, Say Half-And-Half

You may be charged extra for a chicken and steak combination (or maybe not, if you're lucky), but you'll most likely get more than "half" of each meat once it's scooped. So for a ton of extra protein, the size-to-price ratio is still worth it.

6. Almost All Of The Toppings Are Free, So Go Crazy

At Chipotle, there are plenty of freebies to top your meal (or perhaps add a free bed of lettuce underneath), including different types of salsas, salad dressing, and more. Also, the fajita veggies are usually reserved for the vegetarian option, but you can still request them as another topping,

7. Order Everything As Sides

This might seem a bit extreme for some people, but to cut prices and double up on portions, a few Chipotle patrons swear by asking for toppings on the side. Or, if you don't care for the rice and beans, you can get nearly eight ounces of chicken for as little as $2 just by asking for it as a "side."

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Image: Eric/Flickr