Vanessa Bayer Recreates Amy Schumer's Kimye Fall & She Should Recreate These Red Carpet Moments Next

Amy Schumer's press tour for Trainwreck — well, her whole existence for that matter — is the gift that keeps on giving. While the film opened in the United States back in July, it is only just beginning to gift Europe with its presence. Trainwreck opened in Germany this past week, under the title Dating Queen, which is likely because "Trainwreck" isn't a cultural phrase that resonates in Germany. (Or maybe because Germans love ABBA so much they want to write a modern parody song to "Dancing Queen?") But, besides the new, strange title, and Schumer's beautiful, boobalicious look, the show was stolen by Vanessa Bayer, who recreated Schumer's red carpet fall before Kim & Kanye.

Back in April, at the Time 100 Gala, Schumer face-planted in front of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. She told People magazine, "I asked my publicist, 'Can I dive in front of them and act like I fell?' And she said, 'I can't stop you.'"

Bayer recreated this moment, falling to the ground as Judd Apatow stared off into the distance, and Schumer responded just as Kardashian would. This hilarious joke proves something I believed ever since Trainwreck/Dating Queen came out— Apatow and Schumer are the new Kimye. Here's the original pic, the reenactment, and other red carpet stunts I'd love to see Bayer take on.


1. When Zac Efron Dropped a Condom

Hey, at least he's practicing safe sex! But it is weird that this all went down at the premiere of a Dr. Suess film, The Lorax.

2. When Lady Gaga Arrived in an Egg

Come for the crazy, weird egg stunt, stay for Ryan Seacrest's confused commentary. Let's see Bayer arrive in an egg, perhaps with an entourage of her SNL cast mates.

3. When Lady Gaga Wore a Meat Dress

Aaaaa, remember the Golden Age of Gaga Weirdness? Gaga on the Red Carpet meant one strange red carpet stunt after another. Bayer should use her impressionist skills from SNL to go full Gaga.

4. When Shia LaBeouf Wore a Paper Bag on His Head

Bayer can pull of this stunt, but how would we know that it's really her?

5. When Bjork Wore a Swan Dress

It's one of the O.G. red carpet moments, that has been a goldmine for comics for years. Plus, she could totally pull it off.

6. When Steve-O Peed on the Red Carpet

Like most things in the world, this stunt is easier for guys, but it might be worth a try. Or... not.

Schumer, Bayer.... the more funny things done by funny women, the better!