11 Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas To Consider

Thanks to the Internet and celebrities like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, there is no shortage of cute wrist tattoo ideas floating around the universe. From my observations, it seems that the wrist is a popular ink option for those who have never been under the needle before. The area implies a pretty small design, and a canvas that's incredibly easy to hide away with sleeves or jewelry if necessary. Since it's such a bony area, getting your wrist tattooed will probably be more painful than, say, getting your upper arm or other fattier parts of your bod inked. Considering the tat will likely be small, though, I'd say it's a pretty manageable feat.

I got my first wrist tattoo — a small anchor — about two years ago. It was my second tattoo ever, and I was still hung up about what placement would make for the least painful experience. Long term aesthetic value won over short term pain experience, however, so I decided to get it on a pretty tender area of my wrist (on the side instead of the center). I was stressed when contemplating how bad the pain would be, but was happily surprised when I discovered that the whole process was fairly easy. There were painful moments when my artist was going directly over my bone, sure, but the whole design was completed in under 30 minutes.

Whether you're a lover of travel, words, animals, home, or need a little self-affirming reminder throughout the day, there are plenty of unique tattoo options out there that are perfect for your wrist! Here are just 11.

1. Self Love

Get a tattoo with a positive self-affirming reminder that you are great or worthy or whatever else you need to hear.

2. A World Perspective

You can take on the whole globe with a map of the world on your wrist.

3. Flower Power

Try something different and brighten your wrist (and your days) with watercolor flowers.

4. For Pet Lovers

Commemorate your favorite pet with a paw print tattoo. You can even take your dog's paw print to your artist and get their personal mark on you forever.

5. Sweet And Simple

You can't go wrong with a small and simple line heart. It's cute and subtle!

6. Your Favorite Place

Get the latitude and longitude coordinates of a place of deep meaning to you, like your childhood home. Absolutely precious.

7. For Writers

This one will give you a daily reminder of the importance of the written word. Not only is this quote great for writers, but that typewriter font is beautiful.

8. For The Love Of Sea And Stability

My anchor tat is so cliche, but it's still super important to me. I believe it has magical powers to keep me grounded during anxiety attacks. Plus, who doesn't love some good sea metaphors?

9. Cute Critters

Get a cute critter inked on your wrist, like this gecko lizard, and remember to be light-hearted.

10. Bad Ass Critters

The one thing better than cute little critters is badass ones! Get a bug or a spider tat and remember to embrace your weirdness and strength.

11. A Beautiful Butterfly

You can opt for a tiny monarch butterfly in full color to remind yourself of hope for the future and your ability to transform.

There is perhaps no spot as subtle yet wonderfully weird to get inked than your wrist.