11 Clothing Items Your Crush Wore On The First Day Of School, Because Those Early '00s Boys Really Knew Style

If your school experience was anything like mine, then it was riddled with crushes. Almost every year I had a new crush, and my year-long adoration was always determined based on what my crush wore on the first day of school. You might call me shallow, but I really just loved fashion.

When it comes to men's fashion, however, I can't pretend that I know I ton other than the basics. I can probably spot a nice pair of pants or swanky button-down, but when it comes to being conscious of the of-the-moment trends, I'm pretty clueless. That being said, I do feel confident that I know what looks good on a guy (or at least, that I know what looks good to me).

When I was in middle school in the early 2000s, men's trends were much different than they are today. They weren't characterized by "messy-chic," Justin Bieber-esque looks, but rather by the laid back styles of Eric Matthews or surfer-cool threads of Ethan Craft. Come 2006, there were even some sporty yet preppy ensembles modeled after Troy Bolton. Of course, not all middle and high school girls have crushes on boys. But for the Millennials who did, chances are these were the dudes with style who held the keys to our hearts.

From the puka shell necklaces that were seemingly unremovable from their necks to the Etnies sneakers that they wore until they literally fell apart, here are 11 clothing items your crush probably wore on the first day of school in the early 2000s. Because frankly, there has never been anything sexier than the swoon-worthy, ravishing coolness of board shorts and chain wallets.

1. Stussy T-Shirts

There was nothing cooler than a trendy Stussy T-shirt for guys in the early millennium. Almost everyone I knew had one, so the chances that your crush would wear his brand new tee for the first day of school were very high. Whether he was a skateboarder or not, the T-shirt obviously looked amazing — even when it was three sizes too big for him.

2. Chain Wallets

Black Bi-Fold Chain Wallet, $13, hottopic.com

In retrospect, a chain wallet is actually a brilliant idea. I mean, you can never lose your cash or cards if they're attached to your pants! Your crush probably bought his from Hot Topic. Not because he was ever worried about losing his wallet, but just to look punk and awesome.

3. Etnies Sneakers

Do you remember these guys? The clunky, space-shoe type sneaker that could take someone out with one hit? Yeah, they're huge and they're heavy. But they were all the rage back then and you probably fell for a guy because of how effortlessly cool he looked in a pair of these babies.

4. Board Shorts

RVCA Eastern Board Shorts, $50, pacsun.com

Come gym time, your crush didn't need to change into sweats to play pick up basketball. He was already dressed. Board shorts were basically casual swimwear that somehow made it into the hallways, but you weren't complaining, obviously. Even though those shorts distracted you during dodgeball and caused your team to lose the game, they were so worth it.

5. Hemp Anything

Whether he sported a hemp bracelet, necklace, or anklet, the look was definitely a winner. Looking back, those things always got dirty and ripped apart. Plus, they were itchy. Even so, if you shared homeroom with a guy who wore a hemp necklace, your first day of school was made.

6. Baggy Jeans

The chances that your mom hated this trend are pretty high. She believed there was nothing more disrespectful than showing off your boxers under your saggy, low-hanging pants in public, let alone at school. Even though you sort of agreed with her, there was just something so hot about the look.

7. Puka Shell Necklaces

White Natural Large Chip Nautical Puka Shell Necklace, $23, etsy.com

Ahh, the beloved puka shell necklace. Even I had one that I refused to take off for the longest time, until I pulled it too hard and it broke into a million pieces, along with my heart. All hope was not lost, though, as I eventually began crushing on a guy who sported the same shells on his neck. And so ensued the daydreams about pulling puka shell necklaces off people in a moment of passion.

8. Adidas Slip-Ons

If your crush wore Adidas slip-ons, then he probably also occasionally wore them with socks. The sad truth is that you would totally swoon for that look (even today). Usually it was the more athletic dudes who rocked this look, or the guys who really didn't give a damn. Either way, their "I don't care" attitude was impossible not to fall for.

9. Skater Jeans

There's no denying how perfect Seth Cohen was in The O.C. Since we couldn't ravish Adam Brody in real life, though, we had to settle for the boys at school. Even though no one could rock the slightly tapered, skinny skater jeans of the day as well as Brody, the boys who wore them to school certainly tried. And ultimately, a real life crush to ogle in Algebra was way better than drooling on a TV screen.

10. Light Wash Denim

Chris Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I blame Justin Timberlake for this trend. As much as I love the guy, light wash denim was never OK. Back in the early '00s, though, your crush was probably wearing these jeans, too. Everyone was! Let's just hope they don't come back in 2015 á la bellbottoms.

11. A White T-Shirt Under All Jackets & Hoodies

For some reason still unknown to man, the early '00s were the time to wear a white T-shirt under everything. From button-down shirts to jackets to hoodies, guys back then almost always wore a white T-shirt. While I understand the utility and protection of an undershirt, no one needs to wear a white knit T-shirt under another white knit T-shirt. Sorry, Eric Matthews.

I guess that's the turn of the century for ya. Oh, romance.

Images: Disney Channel; Courtesy Brands