75 Unanswered 'PLL' Questions

Being a fan of Pretty Little Liars requires a ton of patience, decent detective skills, and the ability to not pee your pants any time something crazy-scary happens. Basically, it's a tough job! Even though we're on Season 6 of PLL , we're still left with just as many questions as when we started. Actually, there are probably even more now, with the most important being — who is Charles? And why is he so obsessed with Ali DiLaurentis and her friends?

Believe it or not, this game of questions has been going on for longer than you'd expect. Today is the fifth anniversary of the show's debut on ABC Family! Yes, seriously. The PLL pilot premiered on June 8, 2010. That makes it five years of cliffhangers, murders, and, most obviously, lies.

If anything, Pretty Little Liars fans deserve a round of applause for putting up with the show's plot twists for that long! Just when we think we have the slightest idea about what's happening — NOPE. A new character appears, or an old character (who we thought was dead) actually isn't. Because of course, anything is possible in Rosewood.

In honor of the show's five years on the air, here's a round-up of 75 unanswered Pretty Little Liars questions that we've accumulated from Season 1 until now. Fingers crossed that we get some answers soon!

1. Who is Charles DiLaurentis?

P.s. Pretty sure he's Garrett (and click here to subscribe to Bustle's YouTube page for more):

2. How is he connected to Ali?

3. What does Andrew Campbell have to do with all of this?

4. Oh, and why was Sara Harvey kidnapped?

5. Where are the girls' parents a majority of the time?

6. Who is Charles's twin?

7. Where does Bethany Young fit into all of this?

8. Why was Bethany in Radley in the first place?

9. Was it actually her body that the police mistook for Alison's?

10. If so, why didn't authorities do a better job identifying it?

11. Speaking of bodies, what ever happened to Maya's?

12. Is Maya *really* dead, or is this another A scheme?

13. What was the deal with that secret website Maya had in season 3?

14. What exactly did Maya know — in reference to Mona's "MAYA KNEW" acronym?

15. Do we still fully trust Ezra and the fact that he was "writing a book"?

16. What did he do with those chickpeas in his cabinet? Make his own hummus?

17. What's Melissa really doing in London?

18. Is Melissa conspiring with Wren?

He's a top Charles suspect too.

19. What about the time Wren drew a picture of Red Coat in Radley—is he on the A team?

20. Who pushed Jason down the elevator shaft?

21. Where did Jason actually go when he said he was "in rehab"?

22. Who hit Ali in the head with the rock on the night she went missing?

23. Why did Mrs. D defend that person by pretending she didn't see anything that night?

24. Why aren't there better home security systems in Rosewood?

25. Did Paige really go away to California, or is she secretly part of the A team?

26. Are we just going to all forget about the time she tried to drown Emily in the pool in season 1?

27. Is the entire Rosewood PD (minus Toby) working against the Liars?

28. If so, WHY? What do they gain from that?

29. Do they actually do any background checks before hiring police officers, or does Rosewood just let anyone join?

30. Where did CeeCee Drake run off to?

31. Who does Tippi the bird belong to?

32. What ever happened to Lucas?

33. Did he get his online gambling problem sorted out?

34. Where did Mrs. Grunwald go after Ravenswood was canceled?

35. Are we just going to pretend that ghost town doesn't exist anymore?

36. Who was Mrs. Grunwald talking about when she said, "One of you was touched by the one Alison fears most"?

37. What was the real purpose of the NAT Club?

38. Why was everything in Ravenswood tinted like it's been through Instagram's Earlybird filter?

39. Is Caleb ever going to talk about his experience in Ravenswood or with its ghosts?

40. As far as ghosts, what's the deal with those ghost twins from the Halloween episodes?

41. Did Hanna's mom imagine seeing the little ghost girl in her house?

42. What actually caused Toby's mom's death in Radley?

43. Does Eddie Lamb from Radley Sanitarium know more than he let on—and if so, what?

Eddie comes up often on Bustle's PLL podcast, which you can listen to above.

44. Why was Mrs. DiLaurentis on Radley's board of trustees?

45. How does A have access to literally any/every building in town?

46. What about being able to control what letters appear in a box of cereal?

47. How long has A (or Charles) been spying on the girls' lives?

48. What is Charles' actual end goal—i.e. what does he really want from them?

49. Who wore the black veil to Wilden's funeral?

50. What is Sydney's connection to Jenna?

51. Are they related, since they look SO alike in those dark sunglasses?

52. Is Jenna actually still blind? (Hey, you can never actually tell!)

53. What happened to Dr. Sullivan?

54. Why was Garrett killed, and by who?

55. What about Ian?

56. Why did he and Melissa rush to get married so quickly?

57. Was Melissa ever actually pregnant?

58. What did Aria whisper to Mona in the movie theater that made her start to cry in season 5?

60. Is that sketchy redhead with glasses (aka Lesli) actually Mona's friend? If so, how did they meet?

61. Did Toby really think he could pull off wearing a du-rag?

62. Who's Varjak?

63. Who are those twins with the matching glasses who began following Ali around school season 5?

64. Who was the blonde girl that Spencer saw in the DiLaurentis window in season 1?

65. What was Mike going through during the season where he began breaking into houses?

66. Is Veronica Hasting the long-lost sister of Olivia Benson?

No seriously, they're like twins! Are they the show's set of twins?

67. Why does A like eating butterscotch candies so much?

68. Was A responsible for the death of Ms. Potter, aka the lady whose safe Hanna's mom borrowed money from? (If so, that's just cruel.)

69. Why is Charles so obsessed with dolls?

70. What's the connection with the recurring reference to toffee flavors? (Aria's ice cream, Mona's "Toffee Tango" lipstick...)

71. How did a 16-year-old successfully fake her own death and no one caught on?

72. Is Noel Kahn actually trustworthy?

73. Wait, can we reallly trust anyone on this show?

74. Why was Melissa's field hockey stick buried in the Hastings' backyard?

75. But seriously, why hasn't anybody moved out of Rosewood yet?!

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